Thursday, July 10, 2014

Red Hot Obsession: Blog Tour, Review, & Fun Facts

Red Hot Obsessions (Boxed Set)
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Over 3000 pages worth of books!

Ten top selling authors come together to bring you ten titillating full-length novels of love, passion, discovery, and anticipation designed to tease the senses.

Your next obsession starts here.
Hot men.
Lusty women.
Dirty, raw, and arousing.
Enough angst to twist your insides.

From first kisses, to dangerous encounters and college seductions, we've collected all your favorite stories and combined them into one scintillating read filled with the confident, sexy and mysterious bad boys that will make even the nicest girl's heart throb with desire.

  • His Wicked Games (Ember Casey): Lily would do anything to save her father's failing business - even take on the infamous billionaire Calder Cunningham. But she's not prepared for the wicked terms he has in mind...

  • Fierce (Clarissa Wild): Hot, brooding college bad-boy Hunter turns out to have more secrets up his sleeve than geeky book-worm Autumn can handle. Too bad for her he doesn't give up the fight easily.

  • That First Kiss (J.C. Valentine): Playboy and rising author Tate Larson is focused on his work with no plans of settling down anytime soon... that is, until a chance encounter with Southern beauty Piper Donovan derails all his plans

  • Slow Burn (V.J. Chambers): A college junior, in hiding from a corrupt shadow wing of an arms corporation, finds herself saddled with a restrained, no-nonsense bodyguard—who also happens to be jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

  • Layers Deep (Lacey Silks): He needs her to save a friend. She needs him to plan her revenge. Their pasts scar them Layers Deep. Their passion distracts them... and distractions can be fatal.

  • Learning Curves (Olivia Rigal): Ariane wanted to spice up the life of her cooking school but one of her American students may be hotter than she expected.

  • Can't Shake You (Molly McLain): Carissa's gotten herself into a mess with an impromptu renovation project, and the only contractor available to help her out happens to be the one man she's never been able to forget. Josh is also her ex-boyfriend's best friend, therefore completely off-limits...unless they don't get caught.

  • His Indecent Lessons (Sky Corgan): When Cheyenne started her first year of college, she didn't expect to fall head over heels for one of her professors. His interest is totally academic though, and he's going to give her private lessons she'll never forget.

  • Sorority Pledge (Daizie Draper): Inexperienced college students, Addison and Logan, recognize the need for power play in one another when they first meet. But as they dive into a BDSM lifestyle while trying to balance college life, they discover their sizzle doesn't come without consequence.

  • Rae Omnibus (Blair Babylon): Rae will do anything to stay in college and for her dream of a clinic for autistic kids, but when the sexy and mysterious owner of The Devilhouse offers her job, she realizes that her small-town definition of "anything" was far too limited.

  • Learning Curves by Olivia Rigal

        "How long are you guys in Paris for?”
        "Ten days. We’re leaving Monday night. Why?”
        “Well that’s short, and this is only a weekend seminar. They’ll barely have time to get to know each other.”
        “Oh, snap out of it, George. This is the 21st century, not the Middle Ages. People don’t court for months before they declare their intentions. That is, if that’s what they really did then. I have strong doubts about that. Anyway, today, you see someone you like, and you go for it. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you don’t. In that case, you move on and try again ’til you get it right.”
        “Wow, let me process this. I seem to have been living in my history books for too long,” said George, leaning closer to Mary while slicing the last onion. “Let’s say I’m interested in you. I should find a way to let you know—”

        "Like keeping almost constant eye contact at the risk of chopping off your fingers?”
        “That would be one way, I guess.” George cautiously brought his eyes back to his knife.
        “Or then again, you could ‘accidentally’ lean against me when you want to get a closer look at what I’m doing.”
        “Oh, and then it would be your turn? You would need to find a way to let me know you’re interested as well by…” George paused his chopping and looked at Mary, his eyebrows raised.
        “Let me see… I could not move away when you lean against me, or I could start by initiating physical contact when I talk to you.” Mary put one hand on his arm while leaning over to throw the onions in the pot. She brushed his shoulder with her breasts as she moved back.
        All of him stood at full attention again. Her eyes were cast down. Had she noticed?
        “Also, I could tease you or whisper things in your ears.”
        “Fine. What would be next?”
        “You would need to find a way for us to be alone. That’s the tricky part since you can’t possibly invite me for lunch or dinner. We’re already scheduled for our upcoming meals.”
        “So I would need to invite you out for an after-dinner stroll, possibly along the river banks of the Seine, and pray for the weather to hold.”
        “See? You’re catching on. That sounds like a good plan—”

    This boxed set is an amazing compilation of talented authors who are known for writing sensual romances. The variety of subgenres guarantees that there is a little something for everyone, but if you are anything like me I know that once you start reading you won't be able to stop!

    I haven't finished all the stories yet, but the ones I've read so far have already put this boxed set at the top of my list of this summer's best reads!

    FIERCE by Clarissa Wild
    A well written, fast paced, sensual adventure about discovering who you are, who you're meant to be, and finding the strength to survive in the arms of the one person who makes you complete. Opposites attract in this coming of age drama that drew me in from the very first page!

    An erotic romance set in a decadent BDSM world that only Blair Babylon could create, The Devilhouse series immerses readers into Rae's journey of self discovery. The complex relationship that develops between Rae and Wolf takes them on an emotional journey of self discovery. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to let go of the past, but the best lessons are the ones that are often the hardest to learn.


    The authors in this series are women that I would love to have living in my neck of the woods, so we could all hang out on girls night together! Their characters frequently make me laugh out loud, and sometimes bring me to tears.  I know them to be a kind, talented, generous, fun loving and creative group of women. Here are 20 things I didn't know, but as Damien would say...

  • Olivia Rigal sings every Wednesday night in the karaoke club.

  • Olivia Rigal went to dog grooming school.

  • Lacey Silks had a passion for acting when she was a teen. As an extra she met Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, Ricky Lake, Brendan Fraser, Jerry O’Connell and Shirly MacLain.

  • Lacey Silks is afraid of flying. If you ever sit beside her on a plane, please don’t mind the Hail Mary’s; and good luck getting to the bathroom. She will not unbuckle her seat belt through the entire flight.

  • Before she was an author, Ember Casey worked as a pastry chef. She's never met a cake (or puff pastry, or tart, or chocolate truffle) she didn't love.

  • Ember Casey started writing Romance because her critique group kept telling her that her attempts at Young Adult were too, uh, "adult."

  • J.C. Valentine is a reality TV junkie. The Kardashians hold her prisoner often and without mercy.

  • J.C. Valentine loves thunderstorms. They’re perfect for writing.

  • Clarissa Wild always drinks tea when writing, and she needs at least 2 cups of earl grey tea a day.

  • Like the main character in her book Fierce, Clarissa Wild is actually quite a book-nerd, and not just that … she loves playing video games as well.

  • *I hope she's not playing against Calder!*

  • Sky Corgan actually participates in the BDSM lifestyle as a dominant.

  • Sky Corgan has to have complete silence while writing, so no coffee shop writing.

  • V.J. Chambers still watches The Vampire Diaries, and she’s still on Team Damon.

  • V.J. Chambers has a cat called Isis, and she does not like to relinquish the keyboard for her to actually write. She would rather lie on it.

  • Blair Babylon has lived in 5 US states: Arizona, Connecticut, Iowa, New Jersey and New York.

  • Blair Babylon was a child actor and model who did over 30 TV commercials and a short-lived PBS series.

  • During her tween years, Molly McLain began writing while listening to Wednesday night dedications and requests on radio. Since no one ever dedicated a romantic song to her, she made up her own love stories instead. To this day, all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is a little REO Speedwagon.

  • Molly McLain is a closet WWE fan. She may or may not fangirl over Randy Orton to the point her children refer to him as her boyfriend. They’re also kind enough to pause the TV when he’s on so she can drool.

  • Although Daizie Draper’s pretty kinky, she’s more of a switch than a straight-up sub. The BDSM in Sorority Pledge veers into many untested areas for her because Addison, the sub in the story, learns she's masochistic, which I Daizie is not.

  • One of Daizie’s quirky things is that she hates crumbs, like stepping on them with her bare feet. It just irks her like nothing else.

  • A Kindle is up for grabs!!


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