Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aren't Conventions A Drag? – Not RainbowCon 2015!

Conventions are fun ways to connect with like-minded fans of fiction, a given television show, or even a whole genre of content; but you know what's a major drag about them?

No. QUILTBAG. Content.

Yeah. You heard me. The majority of conventions out there spend very little time, energy, or money bringing GLBTQ content to the forefront. Most of the time, there's only a single panel available that is supposed to miraculously sum up every part of the spectrum in every medium in a single hour. Other times, you're lucky if you get ostracized to a far-away room (sometimes on a different floor of the convention space) like some secret, exclusive club... except the club is one no one knows about unless they really pay attention to your tiny column in the program schedule. Heck, let's just put the QUILTBAG stuff in a separate hotel if the convention's large enough! They can just be "Those people... over there, in that room", and everyone can take a peek and feel properly scandalized before returning to their more mainstream con-going experience.

Well, not at RainbowCon! RainbowCon is a four-day conference focused entirely on QUILTBAG content in media. Our first conference was held this last April, and after its resounding success, we've decided to expand our programming to include not only literary content but also panels about GLBTQ content in television, movies, theatre, comics, and fandom.

The conference takes place in sunny Tampa, Florida, July 16th through 19th, 2015. There's a little something for everyone, and everyone who loves and supports GLBTQ themes and characters is welcome!

There's no reason your con-going experience should be a drag at RainbowCon, except in the very best of ways. What I mean, of course, is the special Drag Show Dinner that we're holding at the host hotel for RainbowCon 2015. We're working with the incomparable Kamden T. Rage (pictured above) to put on a show for our attendees with all the glitz and glamour worthy of a Ybor club. 

The event is completely optional, and those who RSVP to attend just pay a little extra at the time of registration (to help with catering costs specific to that event). This allows attendees to have fun with the drag show if they'd like, but if you opt out, registration stays super affordable at just $75 for the entire four-day event!

RainbowCon strives to provide a fun and educational getaway for lovers of the entire QUILTBAG spectrum! We hope that you'll take a look at our website, and keep in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter, for news about the conference as we make our way toward the 2015 Summer conference.

Don't have a drag at your next convention;
have a Drag Show experience at RainbowCon 2015!

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