Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shout Out! In Liam's Wake & Caterpillar by Ashlyn Forge

In Liam's Wake
(The Makeshift Soldier, Book 1)
by Ashlyn Forge

Shout Out! It's been awhile since I've done a Shout Out! but with visions of Star Trek dancing in my head, I was in the mood for a little Science Fiction recently, so to Amazon I did go. While browsing for something in the M/M romance section, this cover caught my eye. Isn't it gorgeous? Sometimes, the best things in life happen completely by accident!

For eight years, Liam has been trapped underground in The Colony—a sanctuary so determined to stay hidden it forbids anyone from leaving once they've entered. His only hope of returning home rests on his best friend Riley who, on the eve of their escape, slipped into a coma.

Despite staggering debt, vengeful mutants and bounty hunters, Liam continues a seemingly never-ending quest for a cure to end Riley's unnatural five-year sleep. Every night, Liam stares at the listless man who not only holds his escape, but his heart. The suffering can end, however; Liam must only forsake all hope of ever returning home again, abandon Riley to his fate, and wholeheartedly serve as a soldier for The Colony—the very people he's trying to escape.

Live the life within his reach, or continue chasing the one just beyond his grasp? He need only submit.
Book Trailer
(Watch it with a box of kleenex!)

My Review
 My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In Liam's Wake captivated my attention from the very first page. The characters are complex, the storyline is deeply moving, and Ashlyn Forge has created a world that is so intensely vivid that it almost became my reality.

Well written and perfectly paced; Liam and Riley's story absolutely stole my heart. It isn't often that I come across a book that is so entrancing that I completely lose my sense of time, but this is one of those rare jewels.

I highly recommend In Liam's Wake to anyone who is looking for a reading experience with exceptional story building, heartwrenching characters, and a unique depth of storytelling. If you've never read science fiction before (and even if you have, and decided that it wasn't the genre for you) don't let that deter you from reading In Liam's Wake. I guarantee that this powerfully written story will impact you in unexpected ways!

I couldn't buy In Riley's Slumber: The Makeshift Soldier II fast enough. Written because I was inspired, a copy of In Liam's Wake was NOT provided in exchange for this review.
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Author Profile
Ashlyn Forge has called many places home, America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Having spent most of her childhood staying out of trouble in upstate New York, she now lives in Japan. She is currently working on her "Toys and Soldiers" series, which is set in a Sci-Fi Fantasy underground world. 

She spends most of her days editing, writing, and editing. Because of her love of stories, storytelling, and the imagination in general, she has had an off-and-on again relationship with writing for a number of years.

She would be nothing without the help and support of friends and strangers alike in the form of indie writers and editors. She is sincerely grateful for their help.

Her only ambition in life is to see one, if not all, volumes of the Toys and Soldiers Series tucked neatly under everyone’s pillow.

If it were not for the discordant jumble of ideas clamoring for attention in her head, she would take up crocheting.

Like all good stalkers.... I mean bloggers... who find a book series that they love, I tracked Ashlyn down, drug her back to my blogger cave, and twisted her arm until she agreed to stop by for an author interview! As soon as I finish In Riley's Slumber I'll be posting another review, and Ashlyn will be talking about her upcoming release. Until then, check out her latest short-story, Caterpillar, which is free on B&N,  Figment and Wattpad!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
CaterpillarLyndel is King of the Levelers, and despite the changes forced upon his society by the arrival of men from Earth, he retains his arrogant attitude and sense of superiority. Lost and on his own, Lyndel is still a King, but even Kings can be taken by surprise once in awhile.

Aton is a Summoner, more peaceful my nature, and comfortable in his self-imposed isolation. When he stumbles upon the King, Aton is taken by surprise by his body's unexpected response to the smaller being.

While Levelers and Summoners once depended upon each other for protection, those days have long since passed, and to be seen together now would put Aton's life in danger.

A well written and vastly entertaining short story, Caterpillar engaged my imagination and touched my heart. A book that is sure to please lovers of M/M romance and science-fiction alike, this story is set in a unique world that only Ashlyn Forge could write. A complete story from start to finish, I would recommend Caterpillar to anyone who is looking to lose themselves in an engaging and well developed tale!

Just because I loved it SO much!


  1. Sounds really good! I love a good sci-fi story! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I have it on my list!

  3. Thanks Carly, I have not read any of Ashlyn Forge's books But you anbd I have Similiar tastes and Reviews so I am willing to give her a chance.

  4. I haven't gotten to read any of Ashlyn's books yet, but they are all on TBR list. This series sounds wonderful. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.