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Kingdoms of War by Lisa Beth Darling: Blog Tour & Excerpt

Kingdoms of War
(Of War, Book 6)
by Lisa Beth Darling
Genres: Dark Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Thriller

With nearly four billion souls lost to the ravages of anarchy and the dreaded disease Major Falls, Ares and Raven journey the Mortal World vainly reaching for a sliver of what was only to discover what will be. Unleashed by Apollo, Major Falls—a weaponized version of the flu and rabies-- has wiped out every person of watery Mortal Blood. 

From the fiery wreckage a new world is slowly arising one where the descendants of Olympians, Celts, Dark Fae, and all manner of Magickal Being will rule. For the last millennium the Dark Kingdom has sent small legions of its Daughters in search of its Lost Queen. Among their number is Lenora, a sharp tongued Dark Fae who joins up with ARES hoping to get close to its leader, Raven. And she does.

The Wolf inside the God of War contracts Major Falls. As Ares and Athena wander the world hoping to curtail further damage by obliterating weapons of mass destruction he slowly succumbs to the sickness taking over his fevered rabid mind. Ares may not live to see the glory of Olympus restored nor fight to keep his Wife. If he does, how high will be the price for Ares' life? How long will Alena have to keep paying Apollo even once Ares is crowned King of Olympus?
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     With a cautious step, sharp eyes and keen ears, Raven continued walking across the hall to the bar reaching it without incident. The wood bar was covered with dust as was the assortment of hard liquor racked up under the mirror. Kicking two stools aside Raven peered over its stained top to take the sight of trap door leading to the basement. Taking one last glance toward the open door and the sign telling him to DRAIN IT HERE, Raven jumped over the bar, crouched to grab the brass handle of the trap door in a firm grip and threw it open to shout down the open hole, "Hello!"
     "Hi," a voice hissed from above him as it cocked a shot gun and pressed the barrel to the side of his head.
     Finding it unfathomable that someone was able to sneak up on him, Raven turned his hands and gaze upward where the sight of two glimmering orbs reminiscent of wild mint kissed by a shimmering frost stared at him with more frost than mint. From below a heavy cowl hiding her face from his view their unwavering sparkle they captured his attention and even set his heart to flutter. "Easy, sister, I don't want any trouble." Raven tried to keep hold of his composure as he slowly rose with the shotgun close to his head following him upward," Do you know who I am?"
     "I know exactly who you are," she countered from the other side of the bar as she shoved the barrel into his chest. "Back up."
     Keeping his hands raised in an effort to show he meant no harm, Raven took two steps back until his firm butt bumped against the brass rail jostling the bottles of alcohol. "Got a better shot now, sister?"
     Keeping her weapon aimed at his head, she hissed, "I'm not your sister."
     "Ok but you're a member of ARES and that makes you an underling…"
     "You wish," she cracked slyly. "Keep dreaming."
     "Yeah, no, I think you're the one dreaming there," Raven retorted even though he realized she was right, he did wish she was under him but now wasn't the time for such things, "Where's everyone?"
     "Dead just like you're going to be."
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Author Profile
Lisa lives in her hometown of New London, CT with her husband of 28 years, Roy. Together the two have raised two adult daughters and, as of this writing, are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first grandchild.

Readers! Since this is the very last novel in this series I want you to feel free to ASK ME ANYTHING! Yes, absolutely anything your heart desires. No question is too zany or personal. Ask me or our wonderful Cast of Characters anything you'd like. Go for it!

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