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Shout Out! His Mercenary by Vanessa Sims

His Mercenary
(Mercenary in Love, Book 1)
by Vanessa Sims

Chase Black and his team are Mercenaries who go after Human Traffickers. Working a case for the FBI, Chase meets special agent Cameron Allen.

Special Agent Cameron Allen has been with the FBI for five years. Being an openly gay man in the agency is not easy, but he does his job well.

Chase and Cameron team up to find Angelo Marini, who has escaped from FBI custody. Working close together, Chase and Cameron can't fight their attraction for each other, even if they wanted to.

What happens when a Mercenary and FBI agent come together to find a wanted fugitive and fall in love in the process?

Chase told himself on the ride over to the hotel that he wasn’t going to see Cameron to have sex with him, it was so they could talk about the case. Even though, they didn’t have anything new to discuss. Cameron got under his skin, plain and simple. Pulling into the hotel parking lot, Chase got out and went to the front desk to get Cameron’s room number. He only knew where they were staying because another agent told them where they would be if Chase and his team needed to get in contact with them in person. 

Walking to the room, Chase knocked on the door. 

When Cameron opened the door, Chase walked into the room and pushed Cameron to the wall. 

“It’s nice to see you too, Chase.” 

Chase didn’t want to talk; he wanted to be balls deep inside of Cameron in less than thirty minutes. Leaning forward, Chase covered Cameron’s mouth with his. Cameron’s lips were just as Chase remembered, soft and giving. He placed his hands on either side of Cameron’s head and fell into their kiss. Tracing Cameron’s bottom lip with his tongue, Cameron parted his lips granting Chase access to his mouth and Chase deepened the kiss. Chase was seeking entrance. Only when they needed to breathe did Chase pull away, but his mouth did not go far. Chase started to trail kisses down the side of Cameron’s neck. 

“Right there.” Chase latched on to the spot on Cameron’s shoulder where his neck and shoulder met. He sucked up a hickey, before the night was over; there wasn’t going to be a spot on Cameron’s body that Chase hadn’t worshipped. 

“We need to take this to the bed and lose our clothes.” 

My Review
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With His Mercenary, Vanessa Sims steps away from her previous genre of paranormal romance and takes a flying leap into the underworld of organized crime.

Her characters are tough and tenacious; determined to win, no matter what the cost. Opposites attract when an FBI agent and a mercenary must find a way to work together. When the fires of passion unexpectedly ignite between them, Chase and Cameron discover that they may have more in common than either anticipated was possible!

A passionate and exciting romance filled with action, drama and suspense, His Mercenary is fast paced and well written novella that kept me entertained from start to finish.
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Author Profile
I live in Texas but originally I am from Trenton, NJ. When I graduated from high school, I joined the military. Yay me. I did three years with one tour to Iraq. I am happily married because seriously , who would put that they are unhappy. I have three kids. No pets, they scare me. I am currently a stay at home mom and I love to read! A lot. If you want to contact me you can do so at and you can follow me on twitter.

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