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Closer Than Brothers by D.C. Williams + Author Interview & FREE short story!

Closer Than Brothers
by D.C. Williams
Genre: M/M Romance, New Adult

Drew and Jeff have been best friends forever, but a hotel mix-up might lead to their being everything to each other. 

Drew and Jeff have been best friends since they were eight. Jeff has been keeping his sexuality a secret, afraid it might cost him Drew's trust, though a hotel mix-up could lead to their becoming each other's everything. If they can only keep their crazy families from getting involved while they try to figure it out.
Author Interview
Today I'm welcoming Author D.C. Williams to talk about her latest release, Closer Than Brothers. I was browsing Amazon's bookstore about a year ago and ran across a short story by an author I'd never read before. The synopsis sounded intriguing, so I decided to give it a try. The story was Doors That Remain Closed by D.C. Williams. I was blown away by the complex and thought provoking storyline, and immediately sought out more books by this unique author.  In the time that has passed since I read that very first book, I have gotten to know the amazing woman behind so many of my favorite stories, and am honored to say that she is not only one of my favorite authors, but has also become a good friend.   D.C. has generously offered to answer ALL of my burning questions today, so enjoy!

Carly: The majority of your previous stories tackle some pretty intense topics; sexuality, psychology and religion, to name a few.  Closer Than Brothers is a contemporary romance with a lighthearted storyline. What was the most challenging aspect of writing such a different type of story, or did it seem to flow easily?

D.C.: The lightness surprised me. I didn't make a conscious decision to write a lighter book, but that was just the way the story wanted to be told. Frankly, while Drew and Jeff have had moments of pain and difficulty, like all of us, they're young, they're fairly blessed, and being gay or bi or whatever they are isn't a source of misery for them.  It just needed to be a sunny story. The actual writing wasn't that hard, but Closer than Brothers started as a 10,000 word story, and then I showed it to a friend who said "you have a longer piece here." So I wrote it as one, and then showed it to another friend, who said the same thing, and I wrote more, and then showed it to my editor... You get the picture. It went through more drafts than I usually need, but they were all adding material, I wasn't struggling with the story or the tone.

Carly: The relationship you created between Drew and Jeff is quite complex. Taking a relationship from best friends to lovers can be an emotional risk, but they also have their own personal challenges as well. Where did you find your inspiration when you were creating their unique dynamic? 

D.C.: Drew and Jeff's relationship is a little complicated to explain, but I was struck by the way some older boys can seem sort of absorbed in each other. It's probably platonic most of the time, but being me, I started to wonder just how gay they would have to be to have that sort of "you are my person" override other considerations.  They've also known each other a long time, and I kind of liked how Jeff was the brains of the operation and Drew was the "hands", the more practical side.

Carly: Finally; you dropped all sorts of hints throughout the story that indicated possible challenges for their relationship in the future. Can readers expect to see more stories about the boys anytime soon?

D.C.: I usually have some loose ends, especially in my longer books, leaving openings for new stories. Sometimes not the story I think is coming next, but that's okay.  I am currently at work on a Closer than Brothers sequel, about two of the minor characters.  I don't know how many details my publisher wants me to share, but they're not necessarily the two characters you might think! There's definitely a Drew and Jeff wedding story in the future too. I haven't seriously started to work on it yet, but that one will feature pretty much the whole cast of characters from the first book. I think the only one who's not making an appearance is Heather. 

Carly: Yipee!!!! I fell in love with Drew and Jeff and would love nothing more than to see them find their happy ending.

D.C.: Thank you so much for having me here, Carly! It's been a blast, and I'm always happy to answer questions!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After his mother's death, Drew spent his childhood bouncing from one home to another. Never settling in one place for too long, this friendship with Jeff is one of the most consistent relationships he has. Fearful of jeopardizing their friendship, Drew keeps his sexual attraction to Jeff hidden from his friend. As difficult as it is not to act on his feelings, Drew is determined not to lose his best friend, even if it means denying himself his heart's desire.

Jeff holds a secret flame for his best friend, but Drew has never indicated in any way that his feelings might be returned.  All that changes, when an unexpected mistake throws the boys together in a way that neither ever anticipated. Forced to face their feelings, Drew and Jeff must decide whether to act on their feelings and risk their friendship, or take a chance on love.

A lighthearted and romantic story about being true to your heart and taking a chance on love. Closer Than Brothers is a New Adult M/M romance that features best friends struggling to find their way in life. With a hilarious cast of supporting characters who seem to dedicate their time to driving Drew crazy, this story made me smile from the very first page. Written in the vernacular of two boys who have not yet become men, be prepared to flash back to a time when it was still cool to say dude! D.C. Williams tackles challenging life experiences with a fresh perspective that is entertaining and heartfelt. Closer Than Brothers is a fantastic introduction to this new series.

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Author Profile

D.C. Williams is a funny little middle-aged woman who lives in Pennsylvania with one spouse and one child and writes romance novels you wouldn't expect. She has an unfortunately common name, but a hopefully uncommon imagination. She LOVES reader interaction!

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  1. Hi Carly, thank you for this review, for introducing me to another author and I so that have another book to add to my wish list (my very long list) :)

    I have just checked and I do have a couple of short stories by DC Williams, the historical Regency romance Foxgrove Hall and I wonder if the story is going to be continued? As, at the moment, one of the characters is considering marriage due to the dire consequences if their relationship was ever found out. I might pester the author for more info, he he..