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Review: You Were Always The One

You Were Always the OneYou Were Always the One by Hollis Shiloh
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Life isn't easy. It's a lesson that Max first learned when his mother died and his life changed forever. After her death, his dad withdrew into himself; barely noticing that Max was still around.

Mason is his next door neighbor and very best friend. Jamie, Mason's younger brother, has wormed his way into Max's heart as well. Jamie's constant chatter, epic imagination, and the look of hero worship in his eyes boosts Max's confidence and helps to draw him out of his shell. It's almost enough to help Max forget that life isn't supposed to be easy.

After giving it a lot of thought, Max decides to come out to his best friend, the one person he thought he could trust; but Mason reacts badly, deserting him and forbidding any further contact with Jamie either.

Despite his struggles with dyslexia, Max works hard at to graduate from college and becomes a police officer. His life is okay, and he's learned to accept himself. Most people never realize he's gay, since Max doesn't fit most of the stereotypes, and Max doesn't advertise the fact. Maybe he's a little lonely, and occasionally he dreams of meeting a man who will accept him, but over all, Max has learned that if he doesn't expect too much from life he's less likely to be disappointed.

One day, when Max least expects it, everything he's come to expect from life changes again, because Jamie Wyzacki is back, and in a big way. The little boy from Max's memories is sitting in a jail cell, arrested on charges of prostitution, and demanding to see Max for the first time in years. Max can't ignore him, he won't go away, his energy is irresistible.... and suddenly Max is remembering all the warm and wonderful emotions Jamie brought into his life all those years ago.

His heart recognizes Jamie and yearns for more, but his head learned it's lessons the hard way, and isn't about to let Max get let down or hurt once more. When Mason shows up at his front door, angry and accusing, Max is prepared to be rejected, but the unexpected loss of Jamie's company is more painful that Max ever dreamed it would be.

Will he be able to overcome the lesson's his mind has learned? Can he let his heart lead the way? Will Jamie ever be able to forgive him? Is it possible that, for once in his life, thing's are going to go Max's way? Because no matter how hard everything else in his life may be, for Max, loving Jamie has always been easy.

Superbly written, this wonderful tale of second chances is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Max and Jamie couldn't be more opposite, but together are a match made in heaven. Hollis Shiloh presents readers with another exceptionally well told romance. The innocently tender emotions, ongoing character development, and engaging supporting cast thread this story together in such a way that it's sure to become a genera classic you'll want to read again and again!

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