Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Angel's Honor

Angel's Honor (Angel Shifters #1)Angel's Honor by Erin M. Leaf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Exceptionally well written and edited!

As far as Raphael was concerned, the fact that his life is currently a mess was all his brother's fault. It wasn't enough that they were born into an ancient race, with tattoo like markings that transform into wings. Suriel had to go and become the first sorcerer born to The People in eons. Raphael was convinced all that power was making Suriel a little bit crazy. Why else would he insist that he, the boringly average younger brother, move to Castle Archangel, while he himself was hidden away in some cave? Raphael had no desire to go anywhere near the home of their leader, Samael, the dark angel who seemed to find wicked delight in making The People suffer.

Unfortunately for Raphael, he loves his brother like crazy, so it didn't take much effort to convince him to do what he'd been told. He just wished that Surial had given him a bit of a heads up about everything that happened after he arrived...because that morning he'd woken up with the white wings of an Omega. That shouldn't have been a problem, except only women are Omegas, and while Raphael may be gay, he most definitely isn't ready to become some alpha angel's wife!

Erin M. Leaf offers readers a fast paced M/M paranormal romance that is full of adventure, drama, romance and sexy surprises. Building a unique world where humanity merges with the heavenly, her characters are witty, well developed, and emotionally engaging. Known for her edgy and erotic stories, ANGEL'S HONOR is guaranteed to make your heart pound!

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