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Review: Genie's Wish

Genie's Wish (Lifting the Veil, #2)Genie's Wish by Susan Laine
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A grown up fairytale of magical proportions...this is not your grandmother's genie!

Philip "Pip" Butler studied archaeology because he wanted to be like Indiana Jones. He spent the majority of the year digging through ancient ruins in an underground cavern because he fell in love with history; that was most of the reason anyway. He was in love with Valdemar Velde, the sexy professor in charge of the dig team, and that served as extra incentive.

Since Val had yet to notice Pip in any way other than professional, Pip knew he needed to start finding some pretty amazing artifacts soon or the dig would be shut down and he would be separated from the love of his life. Unfortunately, the only thing they'd unearthed recently was a battered bronze oil lamp that was much younger than the city they were excavating.

As tedious as spending day after day unearthing history can be, sometimes it surprises you, and the "surprise" that whooshed out of the electric blue lamp knocked Pip right off his feet. Tall and bronzed, with long dark hair and mysterious blue eyes, Jinn is a wickedly handsome genie who takes being bad to a whole new level.

At first Pip was confused by the strength of his attraction to the flippant genie, but once Val is introduced into the mix, sparks fly and the real magic begins. What should have been the start of a sexy threesome is abruptly halted when their camp is invaded by mercenaries who are intent upon capturing Jinn for their own nefarious purposes. The lovers embark on a battle fraught with both physical and mental challenges as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the fortune hunters dogging their heels.

A generally well written paranormal adventure, GENIE'S WISH is a delightful addition to Susan Laine's Lifting the Veil series. The three lead characters have chemistry; a sexy ménage à trois that's hot enough to set the majority of their scenes on fire. The humor and fast pace kept me engaged up until the ending scene, when the tone suddenly struggled between emotional and erotic. Overall, it was an enjoyable story, with few editing errors, and a happy-ever-after that's sure to make reader's romantic wishes come true!

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