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Review: Of Last Resort

Of Last Resort (Princes of the Blood #1)Of Last Resort by Megan Derr
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Still water often runs deep, and strength is found in unexpected places.

Raffe's parents never expected much from him. Although he has the same blood line as his dynamic older brother, Raffe has always been soft-spoken, smaller and plain. His work as an accountant is safe and predictable. Engaged to marry a merchant with two wives and three children, it's an advantageous union for his family's business that he hopes will be a happy one.

As the oldest, Tallas has spent his whole life being groomed to become a Prince of the Blood. The princes must undergo a blooding ceremony that brings out their inner demon and gifts them with the abilities necessary to become the king's elite guards. When Tallas runs away on ceremony day, an act of treason that shames his family and places their lives in danger, Raffe offers to take his place, an act of desperation that he fully expects to be rebuffed.

When the king and his council accept Raffe as Tallas' substitute, no one is more surprised than Raffe himself. As the lesser son, he has had only the minimum of training and doesn't expect to survive the ceremony. That he endures the painful transformation and takes to the princehood as if he was born for the position, gives Raffe a sense of belonging that he has never experienced before.

Unfortunately, all is not well in King Waldemar's court and Black magic is overtaking the land. Raffe and the brotherhood of Princes must fight to protect king and country against an unknown enemy that always seems to be one step ahead of them.

In OF LAST RESORT, Megan Derr tells a paranormal tale containing elements of magic, monsters, love, loss, darkness, hope, and treachery amidst honor. Expertly drawing readers into her world with a storyline that steadily builds upon itself. Layer woven upon layer of intricately detailed characters, complex histories, and emotional depth make this a story that is easy to immerse yourself in as it slowly and steadily builds towards a climax of epic proportions. A work of art that more than lives up to expectations, OF LAST RESORT is one book you're sure to read again and again!

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