Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Review: Bright City Lights

Bright City Lights (City of Lights)Bright City Lights by Declan Sands
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An irresistible story of adventure and paranormal romance!

It is forbidden for a shifter and a vampire to exchange blood. For 95% of the vampire population it leads to madness and so the Vampire Council decreed that the punishment for breaking the law is death.

Brant is a vampire in love with a shifter. Rabb's soul soothes him, but the call of his blood is stronger. In order to protect Rabb from the Council's wrath, Brant walked away from their relationship and the Vampire Council's rule five years ago. Ever since then he and has denied himself blood of any kind since. The hunger is excruciating but he considers Rabb's life to be worth the cost. Integrating himself into the human world, Brant is now the Mayor of Bright City and does his best to keep his town shifter free.

Rabb has never been one to follow rules, especially those he deems unnecessary. No shifter he knows would allow a vampire to feed on his blood without consent. As angry as the situation makes him feel, Rabb respects Brant's decision to walk away and has left him alone. Instead, he focuses on his duties as pack Alpha and works tirelessly to bring his pack out of the wilderness and into the modern era.

When murdered shifters being to turn up in Bright City, Brant and Rabb must unite both vampires and shifters, working together to find a killer that threatens them all. The close contact, after so many years apart, reignites the passion and love for each other that never died. Threats loom on all fronts and suspicion fills their ranks. Facing death has a tendency to cut through doubt and reveal that which is truly important, but the fact remains that their love is forbidden.

A well written, fast paced, and darkly entertaining tale, Bright City Lights is a delightful addition to the M/M romance genera. When steamy Alpha males, strong supporting characters, vampires, shifters and magic abound, who could ask for more?

A copy of Bright City Lights was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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