Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Red Moon Rising (Strength of the Pack #3)

Red Moon Rising (Strength of the Pack #3)Red Moon Rising by Joy Lynn Fielding
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All you really need is love...

Tristan is young, idealistic, and full of life. When being in the wrong place at the wrong time lead to abduction by a violent pack of rival wolves, he is determined to show no weakness and uphold his Alpha's honor.

Colby just wanted to find somewhere to belong and thought that's what he found by falling in love with Nico. Only later did he realize that Nico's heart is ruled by hate. Colby's love for Nico has long since died, but he is surrounded by men who live their lives without honor and knows that they will never let him leave alive. Physically abused and emotionally abandoned, he has long since given up hoping for a better life.

When Tristan is brought into the renegade wolf compound, Colby feels a spark of life for the first time in years. His conscience tells him that ignoring the young prisoner is as good as signing his death sentence, and he can't bear the thought of watching the spirit that burns in Tristan's eyes flicker and die. Colby does what he can to ease Tristan's imprisonment, but Nico is a jealous lover who quickly brings Colby to task for his perceived weakness.

In a decision brought on by desperation, Colby and Tristan escape, only to find themselves on the run. Can two broken wolves outrun the angry pack hot on their heels and bent on revenge? Will Tristan's pack be willing to offer Colby, a known enemy, sanctuary? Could the spark of attraction that Tristan and Colby feel for each other lead to a deeper bond, or are they surrounded by insurmountable obstacles?

In RED MOON RISING, readers will find a fast-paced, well-written and dynamic multi-layered story line. This paranormal adventure is the third story in Joy Lynn Fielding's Strength of the Pack series, but it can be read as a standalone novel. With vividly described settings and well developed supporting characters, this M/M romance is one that captured my heart from start to finish.

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