Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Six

SixSix by Tara Spears
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Six by Tara Spears is a story that is sure to touch your heart.

Angelo finds himself a single parent, adrift in his life and lonely without the companionship of a partner. He dreams of finding more than a one night stand, but after being abruptly abandoned by his partner in what should have been the most important moment of their lives, he now doubts that he will ever be able to open himself up to the possibility of emotionally connecting with another man. In fact, he suspects that his libido may have left the day he brought his infant daughter home.

When Angelo meets Marcus, also a single parent, he is afraid of acknowledging the growing attraction between them. But Marcus has plenty of emotional baggage of his own, and as the extent of the turmoil Marcus is dealing with in his personal life comes to light, Angelo is surprised to find himself opening up his own heart in response.

Just as their romance appears to be heading towards a happy ending Angelo has a health scare that brings him to his knees emotionally, and leaves him further doubting if Marcus could ever truly love him.

Filled with love, laughter, heartache and passion. Six follows these two men on the most unexpected journey of their lives and left me feeling that I had peeked through a window into the real lives of two very special men.

Readers should be aware that this book contains steamy sex scenes, references of emotional abuse, episodes depicting child abuse and/or endangerment, and moments where the main characters reveal their deepest doubts and emotional flaws. A M/M romance that showcases life at it's highest highs and lowest lows, Six is at times heart wrenching, and shouldn't be read by those under the age of 18 or anyone that isn't willing to be emotionally pulled apart and put back together again in a whole new way.

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