Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Bite Me Tender

Bite Me TenderBite Me Tender by Kate Lowell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A paranormal tale with a dangerous amount of magical appeal!

Levi is a progressive man. Although he's technically the alpha, his werewolf pack is governed by a council, the member's contributions towards pack finances are voluntary, and he owns a business that employs both humans and shifters alike. The path toward tolerance was not easy for Levi; his reputation as a fierce and bloody alpha stems from his deeply troubled past. He's constantly at war with his inner wolf, but the years have lent him both inner strength and emotional compassion. The strength is essential for effective leadership of the pack, while the latter is a rare finding indeed. He credits Glyn, his half-witch boyfriend, with his remarkable transformation, and wants nothing more than to turn Glyn into a wolf so that he can run at his side.

Glyn has always struggled to manage both his humanity and unstable magical abilities, but Levi's presence over the last four years has helped him find balance. A gift he is sure will only become stronger once his transformation is complete. Months of unsuccessful attempts to bond witch and wolf have left both men frustrated. The pack needs new members and, with Levi unable to turn Glyn, other Alphas have started to eye his territory and challenge his ability to lead.

BITE ME TENDER is a fast paced paranormal romance that is packed with dominant alphas, steamy sex, crazy coven members, and enough werewolves to inspire readers to howl at the moon! It's a well written tale with elements of aggression, danger, territorial romance, and a hint of BDSM in the boys' bedroom! While not containing a lot of emotional depth, this book is sure to entertain mature readers with its spirited characters and moments of humor. The perfect read to take on an entertaining journey of fantasy and romance

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