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Review: Magic For Lee

Magic for LeeMagic for Lee by Hollis Shiloh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Peter is quiet and gentle by nature; he tried working his magic in the corporate world, but found the heartless work drained his soul. Instead, he followed his heart and opened a small shop where he crafts simple charms and potions designed to ease the lives of the customers he also considers friends. Lee owns a small bakery nearby and is the brightest light in Peter's world. His welcoming smile and kind nature are easy to love. Unaware of his own attractiveness, Peter is quietly heartbroken when Lee asks him to make a love charm but, wishing only happiness for his friend, Peter begins to craft the delicate spell designed to help Lee show his true feelings to the lover Peter can clearly see he desires.

Meanwhile, all is not right in their quaint neighborhood. A malevolent magic begins to make its appearance, stealing the lives of their neighbors and striking terror into the hearts of Peter's customers and friends. Peter knows worrying won't solve the problem, so he does what he can by crafting protection spells for those who come to him. Not wanting to lose Lee's friendship, Peter spends what time he can with Lee, cherishing the memories he makes, and storing them away in preparation for the time when Lee's true love steals his attention away.

Set in what feel like the early 1900, motor cars are just beginning to make an appearance, Magic for Lee is a sweet and captivating story of love and friendship. With a full complement of delightful characters, you're sure to fall in love, not only with Peter and Lee, but also with Joel, Peter's nephew who is full of mischievous magic; Mrs. King, the elderly customer who could be anyone's favorite grandmother; and Mary, the spunky and street wise young lady who comes to Peter's shop for help.

The only part of this story that struck me as a bit odd was the way Peter continually referred to himself as being old. At thirty-eight, I would consider his age to be that of a mature adult rather than an old man. This may be due to the average life expectancy during the time period being much shorter than now, and if so is consistent with a period novel, or it could be a reflection of Peter’s own insecurities. Either way, it is simply my observation and doesn’t detract in any way from the story’s overall appeal.

Well written and edited, Magic for Lee is flawlessly presented to Shiloh's readers with all the qualities I've come to expect from her works. An enchanting neighborhood filled with quirky neighbors, magic and wizardry, a bit of mystery, deep emotions, and the tenderly written love scenes that subtly convey the depth of her character's desires. This book is sure to delight its readers and provide entertainment of the highest quality!

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