Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: Blind Wolf

Blind Wolf (A Werewolf BBW Shifter Romance, #1)Blind Wolf by Aubrey Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Julia has had a hard life. She lives with her grandmother but they are about to be evicted due to foreclosure. She works at the college library but has never been able to attend classes due to her unstable finances. She longs for love but is insecure about her short and curvy stature. She dreams of being swept off of her feet by a handsome prince but has never a man who could possibly be the one for her.

Damien is the blind alpha of a small pack of wolves without a home. He has given up on ever finding his destined mate and is about to settle into a mating of convenience for the good of his pack when he encounters Julia. The pull he feels towards the adorable red head is unmistakable, but it's impossible for a wolf to mate with a human.... isn't it?

A well written and romantically paced introduction to the series, Blind Wolf by Aubrey Rose is a delightful story. The dynamic leading characters have been damaged by past hurts. Their interactions with each other and the supporting characters are extremely well developed. This is a shifter series I'm excited to continue, Rose's imaginative and descriptive writing style captivated me from the start!

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