Thursday, September 4, 2014

David's Dilemma by Rae Brewer: Excerpt Tour

Cover Artist: Jess Buffett
David’s Dilemma
(Panthera Agency, Book 4)
Rae Brewer

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

It’s been three years since David broke up with Michael. He’s ready to find his mate. Only the only man he’s attracted to at all is a hookup from a bar. After hours of passion they separate and David only discovers the next morning the man was his mate. Where can he find him again? And what is his name?
David woke late Sunday afternoon with a headache, which didn’t seem fair because he hadn’t drunk very much the night before.  Damn head cold!  He still remembered every minute of the night before.  Part of him wished he’d broken his own rule and let the handsome hunk stay over.  He got what he wanted, he would have blown me off when he saw me in the light of day.  Getting out of bed he stumbled to the bathroom sneezing.  He decided to take a hot shower, the steam would clear up his sinuses, for a while.  He wanted a clear head so he could convince himself it was time to settle down and find a forever love.  No more casual sex!
Setting the temp as hot as he could stand, he stepped into the oversized stall. The room quickly filled with steam and his nose started running. He gave a fleeting thought to the scents he was washing down the drain before he remembered his sheets. His cougar wasn’t very happy with him for kicking HH, the handsome hunk, out of their bed and was pouting by being silent. Of course his cougar was generally subdued when he was showering.
After twenty minutes in the steam his muscles were loose and he could breathe again, for now.  Stepping out of the shower onto the bathmat he grabbed a clean towel off the shelf and after a quick rub down, wrapped it around his waist.  Taking a look in the mirror he decided to take some cold medicine and spend the day being lazy.  He was already envisioning a long afternoon on the couch snuggled in a blanket with a pitcher of lemon water and some chicken soup within easy reach. I’m wallowing, because I already miss him. 
First though, he needed to strip the bed and put the sheets in the wash.  Later, he knew he’d want cool fresh sheets to sleep in.  And right now he was as awake, alert, and as energetic as he was going to be for the rest of the day.  Walking through the door to the bedroom the scents from his sheets hit him all at once.  His inner cat roared and David was so surprised he didn’t stop the shift. 
Leaping onto the bed in his puma form, he rolled around in the sheets before sneezing. Sitting up in the bed he had a sheet wrapped around him, the end flopping over his head.  He could see his reflection in the mirror on the opposite wall.  Big tough cat, not! Mate!  We found our mate! 

Shifting back into his human form allowed him to say what he was thinking. “Shit! Shit, shit, shit!”  Untangling himself from the bedding he began to pace around the room.  I don’t even know his name!
Rae Brewer is new to writing romance and has found a niche in the M/M paranormal genre. After growing up in San Francisco, Rae now calls Chicago home.

Publisher: JK Publishing, Inc

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