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Load the Dice by Moriah Gemel: Guest Post, Review & Excerpt

Load the Dice
(Episode 1, Blind Bet)
by Moriah Gemel
Genres: Contemporary, BDSM, Erotica,
LGBTQ (M/M) Romance
Eric left the BDSM scene years ago because he couldn’t find the right partner, opting instead to meet men in quiet coffee shops and piano bars. But when his friend invites him to a posh hook-up party, he meets first time sub Jamie, who he convinces to detail his sexual fantasies during a passionate night together. 

 The pair soon embark on a relationship that introduces Jamie to the BDSM scene, and plays out his fantasies one by one. But as they approach the final fantasy, will Eric be able to walk away?
Eric had been willing to work with regular old run-of-the-mill sexual compatibility for the chance to meet someone who was compatible with him in other ways as well, who didn't just want him for the sex and the Dominance he was good at. But this experience with Jamie—it's as if a crack has been made in the dam holding his desires back, keeping it a still pool rather than the wild rush that it is with BDSM. Jamie and he are, at this first glance, well matched. They don't know each other, but the spark is undeniable. Is that enough? Can Eric go back to that life, already having found someone to enter it with?
No, he can't get his hopes up like that. Fairytales are just stories, and they don't happen to people who like to use whips and chains for what Eric likes to use them for. It's just so hard to hold back hope for a man he doesn't even know,  on the off chance they might have more outside of the bedroom, that there might be a fantasy kingdom somewhere in the vast array of fantasies Jamie gave him earlier that night. He has to try to let that go.
He doesn’t have to try for long. His phone buzzes in his pocket, and he pulls it out so fast he’s almost embarrassed at his own neediness. But he has to know.
Jamie: Yes, sir.
Eric smiles. It’s a start.
The Real Role of Submissives 
by Moriah Gemel  
There are a lot of misconceptions about BDSM. One of those myths I wanted to debunk in Load the Dice is the idea that Subs are not equal to their Doms. It's simply not true; in a healthy, consensual BDSM relationship, a Dom and a Sub should be like two sides of the same coin, each offering their own unique desires and abilities to a scene.
Some people believe that the Sub is weak, and requires the Dom to control them. Well, I'd say that's not quite how it works. It might look like that, but it's much more complicated than that. A Sub willingly gives up the control to a Dom, allows the Dom to guide a scene, and that takes a great deal of trust and courage. And in addition, the sub should always have the ability to safe word—an agreed-upon word or phrase that, when used, halts play completely and signifies an end to a scene, used whenever a sub is uncomfortable, unsafe, or otherwise unwilling to continue—and in that way, they control the scene. If they want it to end, it ends, and a Dom is responsible to always respect that.
So in Load the Dice, Jamie steps into the role of a Sub. He wants Eric to take control, to be his Dom. He wants the guidance, and the safety of trusting himself to someone who doesn't take advantage of that, who only offers pleasure in return. This is difficult to do, and Jamie handles it with such grace, even in the face of Eric's doubts—he maintains his own kind of control, setting the pace of the development of their romantic relationship. And that's important; a Sub is just a person, as is a Dom, and each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. Jamie's strength is in his vulnerability—his willingness to open himself up to Eric, to the possibility and growth of a loving relationship with him--and in his conviction, and Eric doesn't always have that. And that's how they complete each other. They do it by being two halves of one whole unit--partners.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quite possibly the best BDSM themed romance I have ever read; there were several things that I loved about LOAD THE DICE. The first being that the characters are authentically written, with tangible emotions that I was able to connect with instantly. They express a wide range of feelings, are insecure at times, make mistakes and stumble along the road towards love. How refreshing to read a book with both honesty and depth!

The quality of writing is excellent; with few errors, and a smooth ebb and flow between sizzling sexual scenes and the out-of-bedroom character dialogue.

Finally, my favorite feature is the realistic portrayal of the BDSM aspects within this story. Don't expect to find an overbearing Dom and a helpless Sub looking for a master, because LOAD THE DICE is NOT your average BDSM story. What it is, however, is an intimate glimpse into a relationship that honestly describes examples of how people who live within the community may choose to engage. Gemel has included characters that represent a broad range of people, from honest to untrustworthy.  Ones that live the lifestyle full time, and others who (much more commonly) live average lives that are enhanced by elements of BDSM within the intimacy of their own homes and other private settings.  Showcasing what healthy BDSM is ideally; a balance of emotional and sexual expression, freely experienced, safely and consensually, between two equally strong partners.

Follow along while Eric and Jamie discover their own personal limits, what works for them as partners, and what doesn't. Watch as they balance their daily emotions with the intensity of those experienced while engaging in scenes. LOAD THE DICE is an unexpected treasure that stands out like a shining beacon amidst a sea of "What Not To Do" BDSM themed romances.

Moriah Gemel is one author that I will be keeping a close eye on in the future. I'm eagerly anticipating further additions to this sensually and emotionally satisfying series!
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Moriah Gemel has developed a dedicated following for her realistic, sexually-charged stories over twelve years in online fan communities. Passionate about a realistic depiction of BDSM, her goal is to both entertain and educate readers about the BDSM community.

Load the Dice originated as a short work of fan fiction, written in three parts. For her first work of professional fiction, she has turned it into a serialized novel in ten parts.

She is married and has a young son.
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