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Review: With Pride

With Pride
With Pride by Megan Derr

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Stehlmore Dukes have been marrying Princes of the Blood for generations. Princes are the only soldiers in the King's Legion that are required to marry. The bond between husbands is meant to help them remember their human side. When past memories bring only pain instead of pleasure, what are two reluctantly affianced warriors to do?

Kristof, son of the High Priestess of the Temple of the Sacred Heart and current Duke of Stehlmore, lived a life dictated by duty. Groomed from childhood be a Paladin warrior, his body is scarred from the many battles he's fought against darkness. His outward calm hides the fear that threatens to overwhelm him with every demonic encounter. The physical pain their presence causes is excruciating, but he refuses to show any sign of weakness.

Kristof had planned to marry and settle on his family lands, but his elder sister's unexpected illness has altered those plans in favor of a greater duty to fulfill. Instead of the relative peace of the Northern Reach, Kristof finds himself traveling to Castle Gulbrandson to wed a Prince of the Blood. Although he dreads the pending nuptials, Kristof is determined to fulfill the contract, and hopes that he will eventually be able to forge a friendship with his future husband.

Prince Håkon has no desire to marry the haughty Duke that his King arranged for him to marry. Haunted by the death of his twin brother, the Piskie-like warrior is more demon than human and makes little effort to veil the contempt he feels towards his future mate.

With their pending union off to a rocky start, Kristof and Håkon's wedding is postponed when a series of demon attacks reveal a dark plot that threatens to destroy the foundation of their temples and casts a shadow of suspicion within their own ranks. As they work together to unearth the sorcerer who's wielding dark magic, the unwilling couple discovers that first impressions can be deceiving. A fragile bond begins to develop as the secrets of their pasts are slowly revealed. Understanding leads to a grudging respect that ignites into sexual attraction and the unexpected potential for love.

Fate seems to be conspiring against them as the powers of darkness grow steadily stronger. Separated during battle, Håkon disappears and finds himself trapped behind a wall of magic. Kristof refuses to believe the man he was beginning to care for is gone. For the first time in his life, he deliberately defies duty in order to follow his heart.

WITH PRIDE is a fast-paced adventure with an intricately woven storyline and intense emotions. The delicate line between darkness and light that the characters walk is a hallmark of Megan Derr's writing style that fans will easily recognize. Fans of paranormal romance won't want to miss this title!

The second title in her Princes of the Blood series, WITH PRIDE actually takes place before the events in book one and can be read out of sequence.

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