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Review: City Girl, Country Wolf: A Paranormal Shifter Biker Romance

City Girl, Country Wolf: A Paranormal Shifter Biker Romance
City Girl, Country Wolf: A Paranormal Shifter Biker Romance by Aubrey Rose

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A sexy page-turner from start to finish!

Ruby is consumed by work. She doesn't have time in her life for dating and hasn't even considered looking for love. Heading to Nebraska to fix the mess her co-worker made of one of the most lucrative business deals she's headed in a long time isn't something she has time for, but her boss makes it clear that she has no choice.

Jason is a wolf in the middle of war. When Ruby shows up to negotiate a business deal with the leader of a rival pack, he can't deny the instant lust he feels for the curvy beauty he finds stranded in the Nebraska countryside, but he questions who she really is and if he can trust her, or his growing attraction.

Ruby doesn't understand why the handsome man who rescues her stirs her passions like no one she's met before, but giving in to her attraction isn't a priority, not when her boss is depending on her sealing the deal. When her night is interrupted by a wolf pack the wild beauty of the beasts both scares and intrigues her. When she is attacked by the CEO after their meeting, Josh again rides to the rescue. The shocking discovery that he, and the wolves who visited her last night, are more than they appear only serves to fuel her lust and attraction.

Giving in to the emotional high fueling that night is the most sexually satisfying experience of Josh and Ruby's life, but can a City Girl and a Country Wolf find a way to turn one night of passion into more?

City Girl, Country Wolf is a well written paranormal adventure from the erotic pen of Aubrey Rose. An entertaining short story, it's steamy characters are ones I hope to see more of in the future. The ending doesn't leave readers hanging, but hints at the potential for more stories to come!

A copy of City Girl, Country Wolf was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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