Sunday, April 20, 2014

Exciting updates; my blog is growing!

I'm a baby blog that's dreaming big!

As of TODAY (whoot, whoot!) my pages are current with all my recently written reviews. That means that when you visit my Contemporary, M/M, or Paranormal pages you will find links in alphabetical order by the author's last name.  

I'm tinkering with the formating a bit, and still have a backlog of about 200 reviews written I've written in the last year, so it's going to be... *a while* before all my content can be found here, but I'm super excited to be current from this point forward.

Works in progress.....
I am working on getting my author listings linked to their primary websites, blogs, or facebook pages. Some of these are already completed but not all, so followers, please continue to be patient with me. :) Because all of my reviews are linked to my Goodreads site, I am using the main site listed on the author's Goodreads page as their primary link here as well. 

*If you are an author I've reviewed and would like to have a different site listed, please contact me and I'll make the change.

Coming Soon!
1) I'm thrilled be participating in several upcoming author events such as blog tours and cover reveals and I've added a page that lists currently scheduled events!

2) Shout Outs! are coming soon. These are going to be short blurbs on books I've read, not full reviews, and will have their own page.

                     Thanks for stopping by to check out what's up!


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