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Review: A Hunter's Passion by Gwen Knight

A Hunter's Passion (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)A Hunter's Passion by Gwen Knight
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Ryker and his brothers have been hunting the creatures of darkness their whole lives. Sanctioned by the church, they are assigned to terminate vampires, shifters, witches and the like. All evil beings who use their powers to enslave or destroy humans. It's not a job with a long life expectancy, but hunting is a family calling that goes back generations. The light in his world of darkness is Jenna, the very human woman he loves, but when she disappears suddenly and without a trace he spends the next two years focused on his hunting; trying to understand her betrayal and recover from his broken heart.

Jenna loved Ryker with all her heart and probably always will. Leaving him wasn't a choice she wanted to make but one she was forced to when a deeply hidden family secret came to light that would have changed the foundation of their relationship forever. Rather than hurt Ryker with her dangerous secret she chose to protect them both by running and never looking back. Life is lonely without him but she believes the her pain is a small price to pay for their lives.

When Ryker learns that another hunter has targeted Jenna he knows it must be a mistake and throws himself into finding the woman he once lived for and for whom his heart still longs. Time has changed them both but the fires of passion still burn between them. When Jenna's secret comes out, Ryker must make the choice between listening to his mind or his heart. The list of people they can trust is growing shorter by the minute and with their lives in danger, having a future together may not be a choice they are going to live long enough to make.

A passionate and well written novella length paranormal romance that shows readers that when darkness and light collide, sparks will fly! I was drawn into the emotional challenges the two main characters faced as they lost one another and then were given the opportunity to fight for a second chance. This was my first book by author Gwen Knight; I will be coming back for more!

A copy of A Hunter's Passion was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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