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Review: The River Leith by Leta Blake

The River Leith
The River Leith by Leta Blake

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The past is what makes a person who they are in the present, but what if the memories of the past are gone? How do you move forward when you can't remember who you are?

Leith lives for boxing; it's the most important thing in his life and defines who he is. At least, that's what he thought, before everything changed. Waking up in the hospital after surviving a horrific blow to the head that could have killed him, Leith has lost all his memories from the past three years. Once confident, outgoing, and driven to succeed, Leith is now uncertain and drifting. His memories are gone, he doesn't recognize his friends, boxing is no longer an option, and he's being handled like a fragile glass globe that could shatter at any moment.

The sad-eyed young man who comes to visit is a stranger to Leith, but something about him tugs at Leith's heart. Zach's scent moves him in ways he doesn't understand, and the unfamiliar desire to protect the fragile-looking bird who hovers just beyond his memory confuses Leith beyond reason.

Zach is devastated when Leith, the love of his life, no longer remembers him. In fact, Leith doesn't even remember that he's gay. Once loved and cherished, Zach now must be strong for the man who used to be his rock. Determined to rekindle their love, Zach is willing to do whatever it takes to win his lover back, but Leith has changed, and Zach must decide if he can let go of his own memories of the man Leith used to be and love who he has become.

THE RIVER LEITH is an exceptionally well-written story about self-discovery. With a complex storyline that slowly builds from the past into the present, I was captivated from the very beginning. Leta Blake weaves a story of love and loss with emotional depth and flawless character development. Delving into the past, while at the same time discovering the future, her characters will take readers on a journey of life, love, and loss that is unique and mesmerizing. With sensual love scenes and tender emotionalism, THE RIVER LEITH is a perfectly balanced romance that will captivate readers' hearts and carry them away on a river of love.

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