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Author Spotlight: Holley Trent and 'O for Two' (Den of Sin Series)

O for Two 
(Den of Sin Book 6)
by Holley Trent

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Olivia Patterson is a rolling stone…or maybe a flying one. As a flight attendant, she lives in the air. She’s never put down roots, and liked it that way…until now. When she touches down on the ground, she wants there to be someone waiting for her. For now, she'd settle for a bit of no-strings-attached company. She accepts an invitation to the Hotel Beaudelaire’s exclusive Den of Sin expecting to have her kinks indulged, not her heart battered.

Clint Morstad and Ken Brook have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for eleven years and are a mostly perfect match. However, after a decade together both admit their relationship needs a feminine influence. They visit the Den to search for their perfect woman, and believe easy-going Olivia could be their ideal match.

As much as she adores them, Olivia doesn't want to get attached to men she can’t keep. When she slips away before they can invite her home, Clint and Ken left with a dilemma. Should they give chase to the only woman they've wanted to share, or let her fly?

(Contains m/m/f ménage scenes and m/m intercourse)

This is my boyfriend, Clint," [Ken] said.


Ken's roguish smile broadened as he nodded. "Mm-hmm. Boyfriend. Partner. Whatever you want to call him. We've been together almost eleven years, isn't that right Clint?"

Clint nodded.

"Say hi to Olivia." Ken pulled his sandwich closer, and this time he took a bite. He took a fucking bite, as if this was all so normal.

"Hi, gorgeous," Clint said.

"Uhhh..." She swallowed and looked from chewing Ken to the smiling Clint.

He didn't look at her like a pissed-off boyfriend on the rampage. He scanned her up and down, eyes narrowed, as if he wanted to know what she looked like under her clothes. She had one mind to show him and realized she was learning a lot about herself this week. She hadn't known she liked guys with piercings and tats, and she hadn't known she liked gingers, either.

Sweet. Jesus.


“So, what do you want?” Clint let her legs down to do the bed gently and worked his fingers over his shirt buttons. “How do you want to come first?”

“What you're doing feels really nice.” Olivia trailed her fingertips down his chest then swirled them over his pink nipples. “I like freckles.”

He grinned. “You can play with them as much as you want, but tell me what you'd like.”

“I…” She moved her hands down slowly, past his navel, and rested them at his still-fastened waistband. “If I have to choose, I’d ask for…”

Ken wanted her to finish. He wanted to know what she’d say. Was she an oral girl? He suspected he was nowhere near as good as his partner, so he’d always be at a disadvantage there.

Clint moved backward and off the bed then pointed to the spot he’d abandoned. “Do it, Ken,” he said. “Fill her up.”

Clint’s words didn’t make sense. They settled into Ken’s brain in pieces. Clint wanted him to step in? Why? It was obvious now that he wanted Olivia as much as Ken did. Clint’s cock strained the fabric of his slacks, and his usually pale cheeks bore a familiar flush of arousal.

“Why?” Ken asked, but as if involuntarily, he stood and took off his shoes.

Clint’s lips turned upward into a daring grin.

Oh, shit. Ken knew that grin all too well.

“You can make it up to me later,” Clint said.

Ken’s body tensed in fear of the unspoken warning, and he got more excited in anticipation. Clint’s bite was definitely worse than his bark, and Clint wouldn’t just be biting. He’d left his trunk of tricks at home, but it wouldn’t be that difficult for him to borrow candles or whips, considering where they were. He wouldn’t even put it past Clint to book them for a couple of hours in one of the hotel’s high-end black rooms, for the guests who wanted to indulge in edgier kinks.

Clint would probably have him tied to a table, facedown, while he dripped hot wax all over his back and withheld his addictive cock.

And where would Olivia fit in to that? Would Clint have her on her knees, torturing Ken’s tight sac with her tongue while rubbing him off?

That was when Clint squeezed his shaft. He hissed and stood on his toes, but Clint only tightened his grip.

“Having second thoughts, baby?” he asked quietly, but his expression was far from sweet. It held a threat of punishment—the sort of correction that mere thoughts of which made Ken want to be very, very bad.

“Not at all.” Ken nudged Clint’s hand away and shed his pants and boxers in one thrust, followed by his shirt. “Just wondering what you have planned for later.”

“For Olivia…” Clint cupped Ken’s sac and pressed his other hand against the small of his back before pulling him close to sandwich Ken’s erection between them. He kissed along the line of Ken’s jaw and ended at his ear where he whispered, “…or for you?”

My Review
As a flight attendant Olivia has seen the world, one hotel room at a time. She loves her job but the frequent traveling has resulted in a distinct lack of romantic prospects on her horizon. She books a week long vacation at the exclusive Hotel Beaudelaire but holds little hope that the sensual retreat will provide more for her than a romantic tryst. The sexual encounters she's had of late have failed to satisfy satisfy her emotional needs and her heart longs to find a man whose arms she can call home.

Clint is a dominant lover who knows what he wants and isn't afraid to go after it with his powerful and focused personality. It worked for him over a decade ago with Ken, the tall and tattooed man who holds his heart. Time has only strengthened their bond, but lately he's had the feeling that their relationship is missing the tenderness a woman would provide. You can't go just anywhere in search for a third to complete a true ménage à trois and they decide to start searching at the Hotel Beaudelaire.

After spending almost the entire week alone in her room, Olivia is determined to find someone to connect with. The sexual attraction she feels towards Ken is immediate, and while she wasn't looking for a threesome, the combination of Clint and Ken together is more than she can resist.

O for Two is a passionately written novella that introduces readers to three lovers. With a well developed storyline, Trent gifts readers with so much more than a steamy sexual encounter. Her complex emotional characters captured my heart and nearly brought me to tears! Deeply sensual love scenes are enhanced with understated elements of BDSM that bring scandalously decadent world in the Den of Sin series to life!

About the Author
Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. Raised in rural coastal North Carolina, she's a lady with Southern sensibilities, but in 2011 her adventurous spirit drove her to Colorado for new experiences. 

She writes sassy, sexy contemporary romances and paranormal romances set in her home state. 

Her protagonists regularly fall victim to her odd sense of humor and find themselves in improbable situations (with happily-every-after outcomes). Holley's cast of characters tends to swear, drink and do a fair amount of carousing, but they're generally well-intentioned and obey all laws and ordinances. 


In addition to her self-published Natural Beauty, Shrew & Company, and Den of Sin series, she has work available from Musa Publishing, Crimson Romance, and Lyrical Press.

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