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Review: Broken Walls by Alex Tempera

Broken Walls
by Alex Tempera

Mick Lancelot is a police officer in his hometown of the very small town, Broken Bridge. Ryan Jordon is the Fire Chief, who recently moves to Broken Bridge. One look and the connection was there but … both Mick and Ryan have built up walls around their hearts. Brick walls. 
With pasts that haunt them, can the two turn a one-night stand into something more than friendship and sex, and yeah, scotch? As bricks fall from the walls, more are built back up. Can they save each other from not only their hurtful exes from the past, but the pushing and pulling of their heart? Will the walls around their hearts finally crumble and be open to each other, or will it become a lifetime of armor?

Ryan opened the door to his motel room. He pulled Mick into the room, and closed the door with his foot. He pushed Mick against the wall and pressed his mouth against his. “I’m not usually like this,” he breathed into Mick’s mouth.
            “Like what?” Mick said.
            “I can’t do more than sex right now,” Ryan said.
            Mick pushed Ryan gently toward the bed until the back of his legs hit the bed. “Who are you stranger?”
            “I’m new in town, and you’re the sexiest man I’ve seen in a long time,” he said, as he pulled off his blue tee shirt. He tossed it on the chair.
            Mick leaned over him as he took off his Sam Browne Belt and tossed it on the nightstand. He unsnapped his police shirt and tossed it on the floor. He unzipped his pants as Ryan unzipped his black jeans.
            Ryan looked into Mick’s eyes. “Is this my welcome to the neighborhood gift basket?” He smirked.
            Mick pushed him to the bed. “Um, crap,” he stepped back.
            Ryan leaned up on his elbows. “In the drawer,” he pointed.
            Mick opened the drawer and pulled out a condom wrapper and lubrication. Mick ripped open the wrapper with his teeth and then smirked as he popped the condom in his mouth.
            Ryan watched intently as Mick dropped to his knees. “Oh, fuck,” he cried.
            Mick used his tongue and mouth to roll the condom on Ryan’s shaft. He continued to lick the shaft and the sucked intently on his cock.
            Ryan grabbed Mick’s head as he pushed his cock deeper into his mouth. Ryan threw his head back as he released himself into the condom. “Oh, my fucking god,” he moaned.
            Mick released his mouth and reached into the drawer again. He quickly opened the foil packet and covered himself. “You haven’t felt anything yet,” Mick said. “Spread,” he opened Ryan’s legs and grabbed the lubrication. He squirted the lubricant on his fingers and stuck them in Ryan’s ass. He moved his fingers around the edge of Ryan’s asshole.
            Ryan reached up and pulled Mick’s head toward him so their lips would meet. “Fuck me,” his breath penetrated Mick’s mouth. He lightly nipped on Mick’s bottom lip. “I love that lip and when you bite it, it drives me fucking nuts.”
My Review
Abandoned as an infant, Mick learned early in life to guard his heart and keep his emotions to himself. The one time he took a risk and gave his heart to another man, his lover handed it back to him bruised and battered. The walls he has built around his heart are stronger than ever, but even he can't extinguish the small part of his heart that still yearns to find love.

Manipulated and betrayed by lovers in his own past, Ryan is resolved to never open his heart again. Moving to the small town of Broken Bridge is supposed to be a new start, but the pain of the past continues to haunt him.

Mick and Ryan are helpless to resist the attraction that pulls them together. Agreeing that neither is interested in more than one night of passion, they are taken by surprise when an unexpected bond of friendship develops. Yearning for more, but held back by the pain of their pasts, Mick and Ryan must decide if they are willing to take one more chance at love or remain hidden behind their walls forever.

I loved the idea behind this story line. The characters both have complex histories, and are struggling to move forward. More than a romance; Broken Walls contains elements of suspense, emotional discovery, passion, and adventure. The writing style is very abrupt, with short sentences and curt dialog. I initially had a hard time engaging with the characters, but realized that the forced nature of the storytelling mirrored the repressed emotions of the characters. As the story progressed, more about their history is revealed, and I began to appreciate the uniqueness of Broken Walls presentation. I felt that it would benefit from editing to smooth out some of the rougher edges, but overall I enjoyed the different feel and raw pacing that makes Broken Walls one of the more surprising stories I've read this year. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a sensual and suspenseful adventure that offers a change of pace from typical polished storytelling.
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About the Author
Alex Tempera is the alter ego of author Amy Shannon. In the quest for a new genre, Amy transformed into Alex to create a new depth of erotica and romance novels. The beauty of a well written erotica novel is that is contains a thoughtful and romantic storyline as well as beautifully written intimate scenes. Alex's research into erotica genres and BDSM play and the lifestyle will continue to enter into her stories. Alex's stories do not just revolve around romance sex, but there is always some form of conflict that allows the lovers to realize that they are meant for each other. Fans can email Alex directly. She loves hearing from readers and will respond promptly.

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