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New Release: The Only One for Me (Max & Jamie #3) by Hollis Shiloh + Giveaway

 The Only One for Me 
(Max & Jamie #3)
by Hollis Shiloh

Love him or hate him, there's only one Jamie Wyzacki, the dramatic, insecure painter who desperately loves his policeman husband. Now you can hear what life is like from Jamie's point of view. He struggles as Max pulls away from him, working longer hours and dealing with his father's illness. Is Jamie still a basket case? Yes, he is…but he won't give up on the man he loves, no matter what. 

Jamie is the most insecure man in the world. But knowing it—and knowing his husband Max truly loves him—doesn't always fix everything. Especially when Max starts withdrawing emotionally and working longer hours than ever. His reasons may be good—and may not be—but his absence is tearing the still-fragile Jamie apart. Jamie, with his tendency to be a basket case and his own worst critic, is completely unprepared to deal with being the strong one. 

It starts innocently enough—Jamie overhears his father-in-law make a slighting comment about him…and Max is utterly silent in reply. That's enough to jump-start Jamie's insecurities. Add in Max's newly overloaded schedule and distracted state over his father's poor health, and pretty soon Jamie is as big a mess as he ever was. Insecurities dog him, and so do past issues. He can't sleep without getting nightmares when Max isn't there. And so often, Max isn't there. He is withdrawing emotionally because of his father—and more, because of Jamie's inability to be completely open with him. 

Every marriage has rough spots. Jamie and Max's is no exception. Through it all, Jamie tries to make the best of his world and get over his vulnerabilities. And then life throws them another curveball… 

The exciting third edition to the series is written from Jamie's point of view!

"Max!" I called, slamming the door behind me. "I'm home!" I dumped the grocery bags on the floor and bent down to ruffle Alex's yellow ears. She panted happily up at me, her eyes squeezing shut in bliss. I kicked off my shoes and headed into the other room, digging the thin silken cloth out of it's bag. This one wasn't a bag to dump on the floor. I swirled the scarf around my neck and did the fancy knot thing as I sauntered into the next room. He was home; his car was here, so it was either living room or bedroom, and I talked to him as happily as if I was certain he could hear me from here. Max, my husband, doesn't talk a lot, but he's a great listener.

"Check out my new scarf! What do you--"

I stopped mid-twirl. He was talking to somebody, sitting next to an older man on the couch, not close together, but their knees pointed towards each other, angled to face one another for conversation. It was awkward-looking, more intimate than Max seemed to like, but he was invested; I could see it from his body language.

I stopped, they both looked at me. It took a second for my brain to catch up, seeing the way the man looked like a really old, really unfit version of my husband. I stopped and stared at the two of them, my mouth falling open. The older man had white hair and a sagging face that would've made a great painting if he hadn't looked so bleak, as if he didn't really believe in anything good anymore. He looked like he was in his seventies to me, or maybe even older, his belly big but the rest of him saggy. It hurt to think of Max looking like that someday, but I knew he wouldn't, because he didn't drink. He once drank when I was... missing. But he doesn't now.

"Jamie," said Max, relief in his voice, tension around his eyes. He rose. "Come say hi to my dad."
Copyright © Hollis Shiloh

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More About Hollis

Hollis writes love stories about men, with the preferred genres of contemporary, historical, and fantasy. With stories that tend towards the sweet rather than the spicy. The heart of why Hollis writes is love; believing that every story should have a happy ending. When not writing, Hollis enjoys reading, retro music, and being around animals.

Advice from Hollis: "Consume some form of chocolate or cocoa every day. Laugh. Hug your family if possible. Cherish your pets if you have them. Find beauty in the little moments. Be mindful of each beautiful, poignant, or meaningful thing you see, read, or imagine."

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  1. I've read several of Hollis' books including the first 2 in this series and I really enjoyed them (although I'd like more heat in the naughty bits!)
    if you're looking for sweet then Hollis is the way to go

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lee! If you are looking for a story with more heat try "Through the Window" which was released the end of January. Hollis explored the dark side and wrote sensual content that will make your E-reader steam! :D

  2. When I want a sweet love story I go right to Hollis Shiloh.

  3. in this series I've read only the first one and really liked it... I need to buy the second one
    thanks for this chance

  4. Hanging head as I haven't read any of Hollis's books, but here's my chance to pick one up.

  5. This looks like a good book.