Monday, May 12, 2014

Cover Reveal: At Full Sprint by A.E. Grace

May 14th Release Day!

The opportunity of a lifetime…

 Ambitious journalist Circe Cole is given an opportunity could launch her career into the stratosphere. She’s to shadow Speed’s editor-in-chief, a woman that made it to the top in the male dominated arena of automobile journalism.

Following Ms. Jennings to Melbourne for her customary grand prix opening piece, Circe meets seven-time racing champion Miles ‘Cheat’ Cohen, a man as dazzling as he is a mystery. He offers to give her an exclusive one-on-one interview, and she is floored. She'll definitely become a famous journalist now!

But the line between her personal and professional life is blurred when she starts to develop feelings for the fetching race car driver…

A man who lives for speed…

Miles ‘Cheat’ Cohen is the world’s best racer, a cheetah shapeshifter, and vigilante environmentalist. He’s living life at full sprint, and doesn't see that ever changing. Not until he runs into aspiring journalist Circe Cole, and falls whiskers over tail for her. The curvy young woman is at once challenging and captivating; deceptively smart, and unaware of her sexiness.

He wants her to be his. He needs her to be his!

Miles contrives to offer Circe an exclusive, all-access interview, one that is coveted by the entire journalistic world, if she follows him for four races over a span of two months.

But everything is threatened when he and Circe are kidnapped by a shadowy cabal of big cat poachers from his past. Their lives are on the line, and worse, still… their love is, too.

At Full Sprint is a story of secrets, speed, and change; of new discoveries and new dangers, and of the resilience of love residing within a pair of fated mates.

Author Profile

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author A.E. Grace would travel endlessly, and write even more, if that were possible. But traveling a little, and writing a lot, is something she's quite happy to settle for. With a particular fondness for the paranormal, Grace's stories are rooted in realism, always end on happy terms, and are often infused with her own traveling experience.

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  1. A Change to Bear. I love Panther or Dragon shifters

  2. I have not had a chance to read any A.E. Grace books yet. I like all shifters but if I have to pick one it would be dragon.

    1. I love dragon's too! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. have not had a chance to read just found her this morning fav shifters wolf and tiger

  4. I haven't read A.E. Grace books either, but that's why these places are good to find new authors. My favourite shifter would be something like a cougar or panther.

  5. I havent read any of her books but would love to Thanks for the give away