Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review: Stone Cold: An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance

Stone Cold: An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance
Stone Cold: An Iron Tornadoes MC Romance by Olivia Rigal

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lisa has dedicated the past two years to her law studies. Between that and her waitressing job, she hasn't had time for love.... not that she's been looking either. She gave a part of her heart to Brian, her brother's best friend, years ago and has never gotten it back. Even though she hasn't seen him in years that small spark has never died.

The day she get's the call that her brother, David, has been murdered all her priorities shift. She walks away from her job, school and a coveted summer internship to support her mother who never emotionally recovered from her father's death years before.

David has been taking care of their mother these past years but when she arrives home, there are more shocking adjustments to make than the loss of her older brother.

Brian is back, but he's not the man she remembers and loved. Taller, broader, sexy as sin and running with the baddest bad boys in town, the Iron Tornadoes. His new forceful attitude and the coldness in his eyes both attracts and repels her. Is it possible he still carries tender feelings for her after all these years or have the mysterious changes in his life permanently altered his once gentle heart?

A well written and fast paced adventure full of mystery, romance and drama; Stone Cold is the first book in Olivia Rigal's Iron Tornadoes series. It introduces readers to Lisa's confused heart and Brian's dark secrets, building the foundation with a well developed and emotional storyline. The dramatic ending left me hungry for more; this series is addicting from the very first page!

A copy of Stone Cold was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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