Monday, February 26, 2018

Forgiveness (Forbes Mates #4) by Grace R. Duncan: #Cover Reveal #Excerpt @GraceRDuncan

Cover Artist: Reese Dante
 (Forbes Mates #4) 
 by Grace R. Duncan 

Genres: Gay (M/M), Paranormal, Romance
Expected Publication: March 27th 2018
Ben's love can help Eric find the forgiveness he needs... if Eric can accept it.

Nine years ago Eric Joyce went wolf when his chosen mate broke the bond, and he hasn’t walked on two legs since. Convinced he lost his friends when he ran out on them, he cut himself off from the pack. But a surprising visitor prods him back down the mountain, and he finds himself welcomed warmly.

Ben Arellano grew up in Texas with a human Catholic mother who didn’t understand a thing about wolves—and didn’t try to learn. He spent his whole life being told his wolf was a demon that needed to be exorcised, surrounded by a wolf pack made up of good ole boys who had no tolerance for his Mexican ancestry or his bisexuality. When he’s given the opportunity to relocate to an accepting pack in Pittsburgh, he jumps at the chance.

When Eric and Ben meet for the first time, neither is ready for it. Where Ben expects rejection, Eric is convinced yet another mate will leave, break the bond, and put him through the same hell all over again. Can they get past their reservations and have a happily mated life?

Monday, February 12, 2018

Resist and Triumph: A Charity Anthology #Review #Excerpt

As 2017 opened, the United States took several steps back in the progress toward equality. In response, a group of authors has stepped up to offer positive stories of hope and love. In an effort to help fight and support those groups who are facing even greater challenges, we wrote these stories to offer a small amount of aid. 

Stories of hope, resistance, and ultimately triumph fill the pages of this anthology.

Cover Artist: Jess Small
Publication date: 1/26/2018
Length: 310 pages
Genres: M/M Romance, F/F Romance, Paranormal, Historical, Dystopian, Contemporary, BDSM