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Review: Breaking the Ice

Breaking the Ice (Ariel Estates, #3)Breaking the Ice by Jessica Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An impressive literary adventure; five out of five stars!

Mikah Malloy is a lion in hiding. Considering that his parents had both attempted to assassinate his pride's leader for being gay, it could be said that he was lucky the pride even let him stay. Tormented by the knowledge that he had caused his mother's death by protecting his leader from her hatred, Mikah was steadily drinking his way along a path towards self-destruction.

Along with the weight his own guilt, he also carried the secret of his attraction to other men. He'd been keeping that particular secret for most of his life, knowing his parents would have considered him an abomination and cast him away. He was tired. Tired of others looking at him with a mixture of suspicion and fear. Tired of hiding his true feelings from his pride. Mostly, he was tired of always feeling alone, but who would want to mate with the son of traitors? It was a taint he wasn't willing to pass on to his worst enemy, let alone someone he loved. Most days Mikah wished for death, because without the ability to love and no end in sight, what was there left to live for?

Gideon Haven, eldest of his pack alpha's twin sons by minutes, would give anything to escape the isolated environment of their Alaskan home. Restlessness consumes his spirit and is the driving force behind his infamous temper and reckless disregard of his own safety. More than willing to secede leadership of the pack to his more diplomatic twin brother, Gideon dreams of shaking the snow off his paws and exploring the world.

Determined to save Mikah from himself, his pride leader brings him on an Alaskan vacation in an attempt to give him a new perspective on life. There Mikah meets Gideon, but the attraction they feel for each other is overshadowed by danger; wolves are being slaughtered for their pelts. Adding the desperate hunt for an escalating killer to Mikah's emotional damage and Gideon's jealous ex only complicates an already complex situation. Can two restless shifters, who want nothing more than to escape, find peace in each other's arms or will their differences drive them apart?

A well written and emotionally engaging paranormal romance, BREAKING THE ICE has a fast paced and well developed story line that I found entertaining from start to finish! Third in the Ariel Estates series, BREAKING THE ICE can be read on its own, but characters from the first two books make appearances that are sure to delight fans!

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