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Review: Love Rising

Love Rising
Love Rising by Piper Vaughn

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Francis Holland got lucky once; and it was the only time in his life that anything had ever really gone his way. Somehow, he ended up living on the Isla Sagrario, one of the few places in early 1700 that a gay man could live openly. This was a very good thing for a man who had never been skilled at keeping secrets.

He's settled into his small cabin near the ocean, works hard cooking at local inn, has a few friends (an even fewer number of casual lovers), and knows that he should be satisfied with his life. Before arriving at the island his life was full of poverty, hardship and pain. He can't help but dream of "If only...." You see, his bed is awfully lonely at night, and his heart longs for a love to call his own.

So time passes, until one day a most unexpected thing occurs. He finds a merman, unconscious, on the beach and rescues him. Taking care of his guest until the next moonlight night when he releases him back into the ocean. They didn't speak each other's language, could barely communicate at all, but somehow Francis' heart still longed for Wick long after he had returned to the sea.

That's how the man without any secrets finds himself keeping the biggest one of all! He knew it was foolish to hope for more, because everyone knows that loving a mythical creature will only end up breaking your heart. Wick seemed to be different, at least that's what Francis thought at first, but nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

A very short but well written story; Love Rising tells a magical "tail" of a human and a merman who fall in love. How do you solve the problem of a human who can't live under water and a merman who can't live on land? This romantic fairy tale has more than one surprise in store for its readers to enjoy!

A copy of Love Rising was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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