Thursday, September 25, 2014

Avaritia by Mathew Ortiz: Guest Post

The Oswald Witches
by Mathew Ortiz
Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance

Welcome all to Maquintock Bay. A sleepy little town a few hours north of Boston on a picturesque stretch of New England coast. The town’s folk live a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the simpler life, even if just north of them dwell the infamous Oswald family. The Oswald Estate is only minutes north of the town but most people avoid it. The town’s history tells of witches and supernatural events at the stately mansion. Is there truth to the rumors? Witches aren’t real, are they?

Prodigal son William Oswald Blackthorne has come home to take his place as head of Oswald House and his family. He sets about renovating and repairing his family home since it had fallen into disrepair. All seemed to be going well until he butted heads with his obstinate siblings, an overbearing aunt and the opinionated staff. Just when he thought everything was hitting its stride, Rushford Harrington, the head of the construction company, refuses to send his men to the house. Who the hell does the man think he is? No one tells an Oswald ‘no’!

Rush Harrington has his hands full. His workers are frightened. The gossip about Oswald House has made it near impossible to find workers to do the renovations his company promised. Now the Oswald family members are making his life crazy with abrupt changes to the renovation plans. When he attempted to talk to William Oswald Blackthorne, the man refused to speak to him. So Rush pulled his teams. Next thing Rush knows, a handsome and irate blond man barges into his office and into his life; Rush realizes that nothing is ever going to be the same
A Littlebit of Me
by Mathew Ortiz
Nothing comes from nothing. To find something, one must look within. I never quite got that. When I looked inward I found chaos. A brain moving a mile a minute and a mouth that got me into a lot of trouble. I look back and am amazed at who I became. You see I was the classic nerd, friendless, bullied, gay and painfully introverted. Bad in one way, good in another. I developed a rich fantasy life that got me through. I learned about people too, I watched how they interacted, how they moved and shifted around each other. Being a wallflower is not always a bad thing. 

Then something incredible happened, the wallflower bloomed. I broke out of my shell and moved out into the world. In college, the clicks of high school melted away. Some bullies couldn’t afford school. Other went away. In college I was free, free to be me, to be gay and to explore my creative side. And I did until my parents told me they were paying for school anymore. That I needed to do something worthwhile. So I became a nurse and over the next eighteen years it gave me all the strength I needed…until I received a Kindle for my birthday. Bless my Tim for the gift of my Kindle. My whole world changed… 

I found the gay male romance genre and thought, why not. I wrote papers for school, I read voraciously and loved the idea of gay romance. I set about it and penned my first book: A Littlebit of Joy. I haven’t looked back since then. I never aspired to be a writer. I am horrible at sentence construction, punctuation and such. Thank goodness for my ever patience editor. What I have is a well in my mind with characters and places waiting to be realized…..may it never run dry. 

Right now I’m working on a new series. I have been a fan of the supernatural for decades. I loved watching the Exorcist, Rosemary’s Baby, Practical Magic and the Conjuring. They took me to worlds were magic and the otherworld touched our pedestrian little world. I came up with the idea for a witching family. Four sister and their children dealing with life, love, complications and pure evil. People living regular lives, hoping to find that someone to love, but with a magical twist. I already have out Avaritia. The opening act to a seven part play so to speak. Here you meet the Oswald family and the love affair of William Oswald Blackthorne and Rush Harrington. The newest one is due out in a few weeks…Luxuria, Duncan’s story. I can’t wait for people to read his story. 

In the grand scheme of things, my humble tales are that, humble. But they are mine. For those who enjoy them, bless ‘em. They are what keeps me going at time. Ugh I sound so serious! In truth, most times I’m on my patio, beer sweating, and cigar smoke curling around me as I write my guys. I laugh and cry with them. If you never read my work, give it a try. You might find yourself laughing out loud. If you do, I did good! 

Thank you all,
"Born a military brat, I've traveled a bit of the world and enjoyed every bit of it. After finishing my Bachelor's in Nursing, in which I wrote page after page of research material, I thought why not write something for fun? I have been an avid reader since I was a child and a natural born story teller all my life. When not writing or working as a Recovery Room nurse, I am an avid fan of any DIY show, British sitcoms and any documentary on haunted houses. I currently live happily with my husband Tim, a spoiled pug Ollie in the sunshine state."

Mathew Ortiz was born in Nuremberg Germany in 197O, the son of a Army man and his Hungarian wife. Spending only two years in Germany, his family relocated to Fort Smith, Arkansas. Here is where he attended primary school and college, obtaining a degree in Nursing. He moved to Phoenix, Arizona meeting his partner Tim there. Matt and Tim relocated to Orlando, Florida in the early 2000s. Mathew had been published in a collective arts magazine in college. Coupled with his love of reading, he wrote his first novella in early 2012. He continues to write, honing his 'voice' and enjoying the responses, both positive and negative, to his work. Find out more about Matt by friending him on Facebook!


  1. Hi Mathew, I enjoyed your post and the excerpt from Avaritia. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Thank you for the post and chance to win a copy. I loved the Love & Salvage series and can't wait to start this new one.

    1. I loved writing the Gaithers. They were a blast and they tie into the Renovating Love, Cookies and Coffee and the Oswalds. It's my own little world.

  3. I'm a huge fan of Men Witches so this book is going to be awesome!!
    Great post, Mathew and thank you to Carly for posting it!!

    1. Hope you like my take on male witches and my magical world. One sin down, six to go.

  4. Mathew's books are great! Count me in for the giveaway because this book sounds terrific! Thank you;)

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