Sunday, March 16, 2014

Review: Spring Fling - 5 Sweet and Sexy Contemporary Romances

Spring Fling: 5 Sweet and Sexy Contemporary RomancesSpring Fling: 5 Sweet and Sexy Contemporary Romances by Virna DePaul
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A sexy collection of romantic short stories.

This is a set of novellas that contains stories that focus on making love possible. Each short story was well written and entertaining, with engaging characters and fun story lines. Some of the authors were new to me and others have penned some of my favorite series. Each book can be read on its own and I never felt like I was missing half of the story or left out of the loop. This spunky set is the perfect antidote to cure those winter blues!

Because I received my copy from Zoe York in exchange for an honest review I will focus the rest of my review on her story.

Ian and Carrie started their relationship with different goals, different dreams and a whole lot of sexual chemistry. A fun fling quickly turned serious when Carrie found out she was expecting and a quick rush to the alter derailed her plans to travel the English countryside. Sexual attraction quickly developed into love, but time, work and children are keeping the couple from connecting as much as they would like. A series of miscommunications have put added strain on their comfortable relationship, causing each spouse to doubt what was once an unshakable foundation.

This well written story from York's Wardham series is a brilliantly told tale that could easily be the picture of any established married couple's relationship. Working on communication and keeping the spark of romance alive is often put on the back burner. The consequences of neglecting these bonds can be devastating but love, and a whole lot of steamy sex, can conquer all!

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