Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: Fireproof

FireproofFireproof by Hollis Shiloh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An adventurous romance with elemental chemistry!

Another fun, sweet and entertaining story with just a hint of sexual heat to add spice up the mix. Fireproof's sexy lead characters have been separated for years due to Jett's developing an unexpected affinity with the elemental fire. Levi tried to move on with his life after Jett disappeared, but his unexpected return overwhelms him with confusing emotions. Unwilling to lose their friendship a second time the two struggle to define their new relationship and accept the changes each has undergone in the years apart.

As if facing the challenges of their uncertain relationship was not enough, an arsonist is on the loose, burning down abandoned buildings at an alarming rate and threatening the lives of the firemen who respond to those fires. Everything comes to a head as Jessica, Levi's fiancée, responds to her insecurities over their relationship by lashing out at Jett while at the same time his habit of burning off extra energy draws the attention of those investigation the rash of fires.

With her usual flair for drama and complex emotionalism Hollis Shiloh presents a well written paranormal short story that is a perfect example of reading entertainment at it's best! The edgy writing style and pure masculinity of these characters gives Fireproof a stronger tone than that found in some of her previous works that works well to draw readers in to the environment of the story.

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