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Chocolate Hearts and Cuban Sandwiches: #13months13scenes by Jessie G @JessieGBooks

Chocolate Hearts and Cuban Sandwiches

“Are we there yet?” Owen asked as he fought the urge to rip the blindfold from his eyes. He forced himself to take a deep breath and focused on Chris’s presence beside him. 

“Almost.” Chris gave his hand a reassuring squeeze. One thing he knew with absolute certainty was that Chris would never hurt him and that little reminder went far in helping him relax. “You’re doing really well, baby, I’m so proud of you.”

It had been months since Chris moved into his room and Owen tried every night to work up the courage to shut off the nightlight that came on automatically. Chris would smile encouragingly and never once made him feel like a failure when he couldn’t do it. Instead of ridicule, Chris would hold him close and whisper words of love and praise, promising that it was perfectly all right for a grown man to need a light to sleep. As much as Owen appreciated that Chris accepted him as he was, it made him feel immature and weak.

Ugh, he needed to think about something else. “Thank you for a wonderful Valentine’s Day.”

“It’s not over yet,” Chris assured him, his tone dark with promise and it made Owen smile. 

Valentine’s might be a foreign holiday to him, but Owen knew neither of them were really into the chocolate hearts and flowers cliché. Chris often bought him flowers just because it made him smile and he preferred those over some mass produced bouquet of roses. As for chocolate hearts, well, Chris woke him up by drawing little hearts all over his ass with chocolate syrup. Of course, then Chris had to lick them off one at a time, slowly driving him crazy until he was begging to be fucked. Instead of giving in, Chris flipped him over and started drawing little hearts again. He loved it when Chris pushed him, bringing him to the peak and backing off over and over until they were both so ramped up they couldn’t hold back. 

Chris’s sexual past was a lot like his own which included quick encounters that were all about getting to the orgasm. The momentary satisfaction did the job at the time, but couldn’t compare to the bone-deep satisfaction of making love with Chris. That was the only term that fit because what they did together was so much more than just trying to get off. 

After brunch in bed and a desert that included whip cream on Chris’s dick, they showered and caught an early showing of Deadpool, declaring it the best romantic comedy ever. Nothing about their day was clichéd and that only made it better.

Owen thought the only proper ending for their romantic day was back in their bed and maybe some takeout, but Chris surprised him with the blindfold when they were leaving the movie theater. Chris knew how frustrated he was by his fear of the dark and he found a creative way to work through it with him. Putting the blindfold on while it was still early allowed him to see light at the edges of the blindfold. As they drove, the light faded until all he had was Chris’s hand holding him together and he wanted so badly for that to be enough.

“I love you.” He needed to say it because even if this didn’t cure his fear, the fact that Chris never gave up on him meant so much. 

“I love you too, Owen.” Chris raised their clasped hands and kissed his knuckles. “I’ve been thinking about the nightlight, about what it’ll mean if we shut it off, and I think it needs to stay on.”

“But…” Owen frowned. He didn’t know where Chris was going with this and he didn’t like not being able to see his face. Though he normally kept his face even, rarely giving much away, Chris always let him see what he was thinking. There was so many reasons he could give for why the light should go off, but Chris knew all that and was still saying it should stay on. “Why?”

“Because it makes it easier to watch you sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night.” Chris’s lips grazed his knuckles again and he felt his heart clench. He didn’t know Chris did that. “Watching you sleep makes me happy. You’re relaxed and peaceful, and I feel like it’s because you trust me to watch over you. To keep you safe. And—” Chris moaned a little, the sound going straight to his balls. “—watching you sleep makes me horny and I like being able to see you while we’re making love.”

It was true that Chris often woke him in the middle of the night and Owen loved being wanted to so much that even sleep couldn’t stop them, but now he had to ask, “Why do you wake up in the middle of the night?”

“Honestly? I think it’s because I still can’t believe that we’re real and I wake up to make sure it isn’t just a dream.” The car came to a stop and then the blindfold was sliding away. Owen blinked a few times until Chris’s smiling face came into focus and the love he saw there stole his breath. “You’re better than any dream I’ve ever had and being able to see you there beside me is everything. Please don’t take that away.”

He knew Chris was always honest with him and wouldn’t make something up just to make him feel better. Was it possible that his nightlight was keeping Chris’s demons at bay too? If that were the case, then Owen couldn’t think of one good reason to turn it off. “I won’t.”

Chris’s smile was brilliant as he leaned in for a kiss and Owen sank into it, needing to reassure Chris that they were very real. Those soft lips encouraged him to open up, not that Owen would even think of resisting. It just wasn’t physically possible for him to deny Chris anything. When they finally parted for air, Chris whispered, “Thank you.”

That gratitude killed him every single time. He had so many reasons to be thankful for Chris, not the other way around, but Chris would never let him get away with saying that. “Let’s go home. I need to do things to you that would be illegal in public.”

“You do say the sweetest things.” Chris chuckled and kissed the tip of his nose. “Let’s get some takeout so we don’t have to leave our bed until morning.”

Owen looked out the windshield and grinned. Cuban sandwiches sounded perfect. “Great minds think alike.”

As they walked hand in hand into the sandwich shop, Owen couldn’t keep the smile from his face. He’d been so hung up on his failure to shut the light off that he’d missed its true purpose—it allowed them to truly see each other no matter how dark the world was around them.

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Author’s Note
I hope you enjoyed Valentine’s Day with Chris and Owen in the third installment of my #13months13scenes tour. The guys from Sizzling Miami, Devils Pride MC, and The Forgotten Soldier series will be appearing on different blogs throughout 2016 with little slice of life moments like this.

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