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The Music Never Dies by Rain Carrington: #Excerpt #NewRelease #Giveaway @RainCarrington

The Music Never Dies
(Apishipa Creek Chronicles, Book 6)
by Rain Carrington

Length: 296 pages
Genres: Gay (Male), Contemporary, BDSM, Ménage/Multiple Partners, Romance,
In this the 6th and final installment of the Apishipa Creek Chronicles, we find out the fate of Rebel Marino, who in the last book was in a terrible accident, left to the ghosts of the past and the tenacity of his fiancé.

This gripping look at the lives of all of the couples we have grown to love is a testament to hope, faith and endearing strength that they have found in each other and the friendship that holds them all together as they face maybe the hardest trials yet. Each of them come up against past demons and future fears as one of their own must stand against sickness and pain.

Rebel, Jack, Lonnie, Travis, Binx, Nathan, Pappy, Sidney, Brandon, Joey, Andy and Lin as well as the people of the town of Apishipa Creek and the leather club Manacle band together to save a new love that none of them saw coming as well as fight the evil of the young men who left Rebel to die.

Come once more to the town tucked in the mountains of Colorado and fall in love again…
Warning: This book contains BDSM and scenes of consensual sex between two or more men.
Binx hadn’t stopped chopping onions since he’d gotten home and Pappy was worried. His pup didn’t have a lot of things to keep his mind off of stuff like Rebel’s accident except cooking and his service to Nathan and him, but this was not making a nice pot roast or some apple turnovers. 

Pappy watched him from the doorway, leaning on the jamb, and each time Binx swiped the back of his hand over the tears streaming down his face, he cringed. He hated when his Binxie was upset, but he wasn’t sure if he should intervene or let him deal with his feelings on his own for a while first. 

He decided quickly when Binx came close to cutting himself with the very sharp knife. “Binx, stop, now.”

Binx turned, his eyes redder than the wine sitting on the counter, untouched. “I need to freeze these. Mr. Landen gave me a whole bushel full from his garden for the pie I made for him.”

Pappy made his way into the kitchen, taking Binx around the waist and kissing the side of his shaved head. “Talk to me. You know this will keep.”

“I’m not crying, it’s the onions.”

Pappy didn’t chuckle like he wanted to do. Instead, he purred in Binx’s ear. “Don’t make me make you tell me.”

Binx tensed up, straightening his back and he said again, firmly, “I’m not crying.”

Nathan was pulling up outside and Pappy pointed out of the window. “You know Nathan won’t let you get away with that.”

“Why can’t I be alone for a while?”

“Because, Binx, I love you. I’m worried, too. Sad, too. Maybe I need your comforting.”

This was something Binx hadn’t thought of, he was sure. Binx set down the knife and turned in Pappy’s arms. “You do?”

“He’s my friend too. You subs think that we are divided into two separate groups. Only you guys are friends and only we Doms are, but I love Rebel as much as I love Jack. They are both my friends.”

“What’s this?” Nathan walked into the kitchen and saw the pile of onions on the counter and stared into Pappy’s eyes. Pappy pushed Binx into his arms. 

“I’m having a hard time with all of this and Binx was comforting me.”

Binx set his cheek on Nathan’s broad chest and denied it. “No, I wasn’t. I wish I was.”

“I’m sure you did more than you thought,” Nathan whispered to him and Pappy leaned in, kissing Nathan’s lips, then Binx’s cheek. 

“Maybe we need a night without all of this. A night just for us. Away from everything.”

Nathan winked at Pappy and stated, “Then my news is timed perfectly. A patient I treated last month for some deep scratches from his mistress owes me a big favor for not telling his wife and he offered his cabin for any night I want it. If you two fine gentlemen will accompany me to it, we can relax, be together, fall more desperately in love in the middle of a beautiful mountain.”

Pappy swooned a little at the thought, but Binx grimaced. “We live in the middle of beautiful mountains. What difference is it going make if we go to a cabin, except I’ll be cooking on older, probably crappier appliances, if there are appliances, and be more afraid of bears?”

Before Pappy could argue, Nathan swept in like the wondrous prince his was. “No, darling, you don’t have to worry about cooking. This is a mini vacation. We are going there to relax and that means you, too. No cooking, no phone, no interruptions.”

“No phone?”

If these were the cabins Nathan had talked to Pappy about on their morning jog, of course there would be no phones. “No cell service way up there.”

Binx was about to bitch, Pappy saw it written all over him, then his face changed like something dawned on him. “So you mean to tell me neither of you will be dragged off to the clinic or a parishioner’s house in an emergency? I’ll have you both, free and clear, all night?”

Nathan slung his arm around Pappy’s shoulders and purred, “Free, clear, horny, sexy and ready to pound your ass until you forget all your worries.”

Binx squealed and hooked his arms around their necks. “I love you guys!”

“Pappy, do we love this one?”

Binx pulled back, smiling, with a brow cocked high. “Do you?”

“More than anything in the world.”
Carrington started writing when she was just a teenager in Trinidad, Colorado but didn’t start writing M/M romance until much later. Through the years many of her gay male friends told stories of heartache and the struggle to find “the one” so she told them stories, fantasies all about them and their future cowboy, fireman, biker or policeman. When she found a writing site that encouraged her to write them down she started what was an adventure like she never had before. 

Her first story, Cabin fever, about a young man searching for love and finding it wrapped in a member of a mafia family gained her readers who cheered for more. She knew then that she had found her place in the world. To make stories of love and kink that not only her readers but she could get lost in as well.

Rain now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado but has traveled most of the US. Her last road trip to San Francisco gave her characters still coming out…no pun intended…in her newer stories. Rain has severe scoliosis which makes it hard for her to do all the things she used to love but it did give her the time to write that she never had before. She fights for lgbt rights from her home as best she can now and keeps in close contact with her friends that fight on two good legs to point them where they should go. She is a fervent believer that one door never closes without another opening so there are no limits she can’t get past. 

Of all the people in the world no one has encouraged and supported her like her friends, many of them writers themselves, and her family. There is never a dull moment in her home where laughter is in the air 24/7 and everyone knows to avoid the computer screen when she sits in front of it. They never know what kind of beautiful man love they may see. Rain calls it research, they call it, “there she goes again!”
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