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The MCB Quarterly: #Interview #Excerpt #Giveaway @MischiefCorner

Cover Artist: Freddy MacKay
The MCB Quarterly
 (Volume 1) 
by Mischief Corner Books

 Length: 33,200 words 
Genres: Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Romance
 Contemporary, Fantasy, Horror, & Romance 
The Quarterly is an eMagazine of LGBTQ fiction - of all kinds. This volume features four short stories: Facsimile by Mina MacLeod, Leash on Love by Beany Sparks, Man of the House by Brigid Collins, and Avalon by J. Scott Coatsworth. It also includes an Author Interview with Lexi Ander, talking about writing gay science fiction, and a Featured Artist section about the multitalented Catherine Dair. And our very own Angel Martinez offers an Op-Ed on "When is an Author not an Author?"
The MCB Quarterly - Mina MacLeod

1. What is the best book you ever read and why is it your favourite?

That's a difficult question! I've always been a voracious reader and have many favorites. If I had to pick just one, then based on a balance of both plot and characterization--and overall enjoyment--I'll go with BRIDGE OF BIRDS by Barry Hughart. It combines humor with mysticism and borrows heavily from Chinese mythology, making an ancient China that never was, but could have been.

2. If you could choose to have any type of super power what would it be and why?

At the risk of sounding terribly boring, I'd go with flight. My commute would be leaps and bounds easier!

3. Do you have any talents besides writing that are uniquely yours?

Well, I can eat an entire box of Oreo cookies without getting sick. Does that count?

4. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Besides the Oreos that we aren't allowed to buy anymore because I eat them all? I'm starting to think I should see someone about that...

5. If you could take a vacation anywhere in the world where would you go?

I've actually been fortunate enough to have done that already: I spent two weeks in Japan in 2010. It was the best trip I've ever taken. In the future, I would like to take my son on a tour of the UK.
Facsimile by Mina MacLeod

The night President Carnot is assassinated, Monique Chambly is nestled in a chair in her sitting room with a blanket wrapped around her legs. The fire is crackling, and her tea is hot. It smells of cinnamon and spice; the scent brings familiarity and comfort, but Monique cannot remember why. She remembers very little these days.

She's staring at the amber softgel capsules, debating whether the pain is bad enough to warrant them. The phonograph is warbling Mozart. She has always adored Mozart. At least, she's fairly certain she has.

Outside their Montmartre estate, the rain comes down upon the city, heavy and unforgiving. Thunder rolls across the sky and lightning rips through the clouds, illuminating the streets. It is a cold, terrible night to be outside.

Her joints ache. Monique winces and reaches for the capsules. Her muscles feel like they are being pulled from her bones. She manages to swallow the medication, wincing as it slides down her dry throat. Monique grabs the tea and takes a generous gulp, though her tongue protests the sting of heat. She lolls her head until her chin sits upon her chest. Dark ringlets of hair shift to hide her face. Her head feels heavy, so heavy—as though her neck isn't strong enough to hold it up.

The next clap of thunder startles her; it cracks the sky in twain with its severity. The arc lamps in their home flicker. Monique is huddled there, curled in on herself, when Elvire finds her.

"Monique, my darling," she says, kneeling before the chair. "Whatever are you doing awake?" She reaches out, brushing aside the curtain of Monique's hair.

Dr. Elvire Mazet is a tall, wiry creature. Yet here she is, folded up neatly at Monique's feet. Her dark eyes are wide with concern behind her wire-rimmed spectacles. She is still wearing her lab coat. Its immaculate whiteness has long since been stained with evidence of various experiments. A pair of safety goggles is holding her short red hair out of her face. Monique wonders idly what Elvire has been up to down in her lab. Normally, Elvire leaves all of her clothing and equipment downstairs.

Thunder rumbles through the sky yet again, and Monique shudders. "Am I—am I afraid of storms? I don't…remember."
Mischief Corner Books is an organization of superheroes... no, it's a platinum-album techno-fusion group...no, hold on a sec here...

Ah, yes. Mischief Corner is a diverse group of authors who met on a mountain in Tennessee and decided since we probably were too easily distracted to rule the world that we'd settle for causing a bit of mayhem instead.

In addition to making mayhem, we publish books with a diverse range of genres and topics... we live to break molds.

MCB. Giving voice to LGBTQ fiction.
1 $15.00 Amazon gift certificate and copy of the Quarterly (winners choice of format), 2 $10.00 All Romance gift certificates, and 3 copies of the Quarterly (winners choice of format)
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