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My Beginning by La Quette: Interview & Review

My Beginning
(Trinity, Book 1)
by La Quette

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Genesis Lawrence left her home and family in Brooklyn, New York ten years ago and never looked back. When you've spent your entire life protecting yourself from the ones that are supposed to love you, running to the other side of the country seems like the best idea ever. Emotionally bankrupt, she begins rebuilding her life after failed familial connections and a broken marriage leave her too raw to ever believe happiness exists for her. Work as a Physical Therapist in her rehab clinic is all she knows and all she wants.

Drew Marrack has spent the last year of his life trying to end the soul-searing pain of losing his mother by any means necessary, even if that means ending him—literally. After a tragic accident and a resulting disability that devastates the tattered remnants of his world, only one name can give him a brand-new start: Genesis.

Pain, heartache, secrets, and tragedy from the past bring them together, and then fight to tear them apart. Is new love strong enough to give them the fresh beginning they both need, or is this simply the beginning of their end?

Welcome to La Quette! When she approached me to review her story, she was a new author to me, and I had no idea what to expect from her story. Angela's cooking made me hungry, Genesis' family made me cry, and Drew is my new book boyfriend... I loved it, so make sure and check out my review later on in this post for more about this amazing story!

Carly: What was your inspiration for My Beginning?

La Quette: My Beginning was based on the questions, "Who heals the physician?"  Genesis' character was really built on that question.  I wanted to know what would happen if there was this woman who was a healthcare provider who helped heal people's broken bodies but couldn't find a way to heal her own broken heart.  I wanted to know what would happen if she finally came face to face with someone that had the power to mend the rift it her heart.  Would she jump at the chance, or would she embrace the only thing she's ever known until that point, pain.

Carly: Can you tell me what is your favorite scene and why? 

La Quette: My favorite scene is when Drew is pressing Genesis for more, but she's still on the fence.  I love when he sits her down on his lap in a cowboy fashion and sets out to soothe her uneasiness with his smooth words and fiery touches.  I think every girl wants a scene like that, where her good boy has just enough bad in him to turn her out. lol
Carly: What was the most challenging aspect of writing My Beginning? 

La Quette: The most challenging part of writing My Beginning for me was developing such a horrendously broken family such as the Lawrences.  It's hard for me to imagine staying away from my family for a decade.  I'm very close to my family.  I speak to my mother and sister at least once a day.  My brother doesn't really do the phone thing like the girls do, but we still check in with each other frequently.  It was very hard to step outside of what a reasonably functional family looks like, and I say reasonably because every family has some level of dysfunction in it, to create a world where this woman was essentially hated by her family for crimes she couldn't really understand.

Carly: You have another book coming out soon. What can you tell us about it

La Quette:  My next release is called Heart of the Matter.  It's coming out very soon.  I can't give an exact release date yet, but I expect it to be available sometime this fall.  It's about a young police lieutenant in the NYPD named Heart MacKenzie  who's perception of love and people are distorted by a very traumatic and dark history.  While working on his niece's abduction case she meets Kenneth Searlington,  who decides to disabuse her of her preconceived notions regarding what men and life have to offer her.  This was a really intense, but very fun book to write.  These characters have bite and although this is not the sequel to My Beginning, the characters in this book are closely related to the My Beginning characters.  Drew, Genesis, True, and Faith all make appearances in this book.  And after reading this book, I guarantee folks are not going to be pleased with some of our friends from My Beginning.
“Genesis…”  He couldn’t get past the sound of her name on his lips.  It had been so long since he’d spoken it aloud, so long since it had brought a smile to his face.  It almost hurt to say it now, with her standing behind him, him at the ready, waiting to break free.

I should have known that something was wrong, I should have known there was no way you would willingly turn to Desiree.  I should have trusted in our love enough to know that you would never hurt me that way.  But most of all, I’m sorry that I left you there, scared, and unable to defend yourself.  I’m sorry my insecurities put your safety at risk, and I’m sorry that I didn’t have the brass to stay and fight, versus cutting and running.”  She stroked her hand across his cheek and spoke in a matching rhythm.  “Please forgive me, Drew, I’m so sorry.  Please, give me another chance to earn your love.”

She took her hand and softly pressed it to the back of his neck, running her fingers over the prickly hairline of his freshly shaved head, sending electric tingles through his skin.  She kept swiping her fingers there, as if hoping the motion would soothe the fury he was holding inside.  She’d done the same thing at his mother’s funeral and just as before, he could feel his body release the tension of the pain he’d been holding inside.

He felt her shiver as his arms slowly crawled up her sides, and down her arms.  When his hands reached her wrists behind his neck, he pulled them slowly down and looked at her, through her.  “You have my love, Genesis, you always have.

He leaned in and kissed her roughly, needing to taste her sweetness after being denied for so long.  He crushed his lips to her own, and when she parted her lips on a deep moan he slipped his tongue inside of her supple warmth.  He suckled at her honey, and worried her bottom lip with nips as he tore himself away with a ragged breath.

He watched a smile grow at the corners of her mouth when he said, “It’s my trust you’ve lost, and can never have again.”

Drew examined her face as full understanding fell from her furrowed brow to her open mouth.  He stepped back from her and turned back to the door.  “If you had trusted your man, we would have been fine; we could have worked through anything.  I told you I would never hurt you. I guess in the end, my word wasn’t enough.”  He felt her sharp hold on his arm, trying to pull him back to her.

“Drew please, don’t do this—”she cried.

“Don’t do what?  Don’t walk away like you did?  Is that what you were gonna say, Genesis?”

Her grip on his arm tightened, he spared her a glance and saw the tears pouring from her eyes.

“Baby, please don’t do this to us, please, don’t le—”

He snatched his arm out of her grasp, “You should have listened to your man.”

He opened the door and walked out.  It wasn’t until he heard the soft click of the door closing behind him that he realized he had really walked out, that this wasn’t a terrible dream, and he had really willingly walked away from everything he’d ever wanted.  It was really over.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Genesis has never felt like she fit in with her family. Belittled by her mother, ignored by her father and tormented by her brother, Genesis' only true family is her youngest brother and dear friend/mother figure Angela Johnson.

When Angela passes, leaving Genesis feeling alone in the world, she is surprised by the connection she feels towards Angela's son, Drew, but the timing isn't right for anything other than a fleeting dream of finding more.

When Drew is gravely injured in an accident, Genesis drops everything to use her skills as a physical therapist to help rehabilitate the handsome yet broken man.

The sparks fly between them, but their professional relationship and Genesis' own past stand between them and the potential for true love.

LaQuette absolutely blew me away with the emotional depth and intricate story development in My Beginning. A well written and fast paced reading experience, I was completely enchanted by Genesis, Drew and the entire cast of characters that I both loved, and loved to hate.  Just when I thought I had everything figured out, she would throw another curve that kept me addicted to each chapter.

This story came to life for me with each page and I am eagerly anticipating reading more from this talented new author soon! If you're looking for a unique, engaging, and sensual story with passionate storytelling and lots of heart, look no further than My Beginning!
A native of Brooklyn, New York, LaQuette spends her time catering to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Healthcare Provider. Writing: her escape from the everyday, has always been a friend and comforter. She loves writing and devouring romance novels. Although she possesses a Masters degree in English Lit, she'd forego Shakespeare any day to read something hot, lusty, and romantic.


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