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A Bite in Time by Viki Lyn & Vina Grey: Tour, Review & Excerpt

A Bite in Time
(Orbus Arcana, Book 2)
by Viki Lyn & Vina Grey

Genres: Paranormal M/M Romance
A dangerous secret, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

JOHN REEDER has accepted his love for VINCENT KAMATEROS, but he doesn’t know his lover is a vampire. When a deranged vampire targets Vincent, John has to deal with uncovered secrets that blow his life apart.

Will Vincent reveal his true nature to protect the cop who has come to mean more than his own life? In doing so, he might ruin his only chance for a ‘happy ever after’ with John. 
Vince fantasized about taking John back to his beloved Verno. To witness the look in John’s eyes when he first caught sight of the churning sea as storm clouds gathered in dark billows along the horizon, the stark beauty of the snow-shrouded landscape, the cliffside cave, Vince’s special hideout, the entrance deep behind fir trees. The cave had been Vince’s place of mediation where he absorbed the spiritual atmosphere and the energy of the land, his land calling to him.

In his heart, he knew John would love Verno despite being raised in the hot sun of the desert. On calm days, in what passed for summer in Vince’s world, the water stretched for miles, the undulating waves as azure as John’s eyes.

Vince stretched his left quad over the metal bench, relishing the slight burn. Talk about being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. For devil, read Jurisdictio. He suspected the J had hidden motives for granting him his powers. Not everyone on the J agreed he was the chosen prince. The older judges were manipulative and wily. He had to be vigilant. If they found out about John…he shuddered and forced his thoughts away before his fangs descended.

And the deep blue sea? John. A human who had no ideas vampires existed. He extended his other leg into a stretch. How did you tell your lover you were a blood-sucking vampire?

Hey John, have a glass of this 2005 Barossa Shiraz I bought for this special true confession. By the way, I'm a vampire. A blood-sucker. One of a hidden race, feared by humans.

Bollocks. Damned either way. He should have settled for a one-night stand. Some days Angelo’s advice made sense. His friend had warned him about falling in love with a human. But if he had heeded Angelo, he never would have known the fine man John was; never experienced the searing connection when they made love; never experienced the bone-deep contentment when John nestled in his arms at night.

Vince prowled the cement path to cool his head, and splashed tepid water on his face from the drinking fountain, letting it drip down his neck and onto his t-shirt.

Pink-purple-grey swathes mottled the sky. Across the quiet expanse of the lake, the tops of rush hour cars whizzed by on the interstate. A large black object bobbing in the water caught his eye. An odd shape and too big to be trash.

He leaned against the railing for a closer look. His stomach clenched and he sucked in a breath. A human arm poked out from the black plastic. The two lone joggers who had passed him were no longer in sight. Just him and a dead body. Again.

He suppressed the desire to climb over the ledge and investigate. No way would he touch this body; he knew too well what John would say. He tugged his mobile phone from the strap in his waistband.

John, I know you won't believe this but I found another dead body. I swear it popped up in my path.

He sighed as John’s ringtone came on.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Second in the series, A Bite In Time picks up shortly after where For the Bite of It left off. I loved the first book and have been waiting anxiously for my chance to read the second in this fascinating series.

The vampire world created by authors Viki Lyn and Vina Grey is unique in that it is a parallel world, mostly separated from the rest of the population. As we learned in For the Bite of It, Vincent had previously been exiled there for crimes committed in his homeland.

Ultimately the continuing story of the slowly, and I mean very slowly, developing romance between John and Vince. We find the lovers at odds as their emotional connection deepens but John continues to resist taking their relationship public and revealing his sexual orientation.

When John begins investigating a series of killings that have ties to the hidden vampire community, Vince suddenly finds himself desperate to protect his lover, while at the same time maintaining his heritage. Trust is on the line as each senses the other is unwilling to fully bare their heart. While at the same time, the serial killer on the loose endangers more than their own personal secrets and physical safety.

Another exceptionally well written and fast paced paranormal thriller from this talented writing duo, A Bite In Time continued to challenge everything I thought I knew about vampires. With deepening emotional content, sizzling sexual chemistry and exciting plot development, this is one sequel you won't want to miss!
*This is not a stand alone story, Orbus Arcana is a series that must be read in order.*
Viki Lyn: What inspires me - the reality that romance between lovers is a hope more than a guarantee. My stories are an eclectic mix of contemporary and paranormal, but it is always romance that drives the story to its final happily-ever-after. There's nothing better than reading a good book over an espresso, watching a movie or trying out a new restaurant. I'm the author of several gay romances, including Last Chance, Rainbow Award winner for the Best Gay Paranormal/Horror. Viki’s Website.

Vina Grey: She loves writing about romance. Two people finding each other, the two-step before they get together and the happily ever after, have to be the best story ever. Throw in some paranormal elements and she's in heaven. Vampires and cops, anyone? She loves to jabber away with anyone about books, so drop her an Email or visit her Website.


  1. Good morning! Carly, thank you so much for the review and hosting us today. Vina and I love John and Vince and the vampire world we created. We're busy writing book three and hope to have it published by Halloween. :) Appropriate for a vampire series, don't you think! So who is your favorite hero in our story, Vince or John? Vina and I aren't telling who we's a secret. Although, I have to admit to wavering between the two. :)

    1. Oooh, I can't wait! Gosh, how to choose! I like them both, for different reasons, but I think that Vince would have to be my favorite, because he is willing to fight for his relationship with John, no matter what the consequences are. :D

  2. Thanks for sharing!! I love hearing about unique worlds...I get so bored with this one sometimes!

    1. LOL, Andra, its so much fun making up the rules for our world. Don't like something in the current one? Hey, you get to change it in your world!
      Cheers, Vina

    2. Life can be an adventure if you are willing to seek out new experiences, but I must admit that one of my favorite pastimes is escaping into a good book. ;) Thank you for stopping by Andra!

  3. Carly, Thank you so much for hosting us and for your review. Sorry, I am little late to the game today! Now, I have to confess, I don't have a favorite between their personalities but I do based on the cover - lol. How about you all?

    1. Thank you for stopping by Vina! I love both the covers, but I'm a little partial to For The Bite of It's because I LOVE Vince's ink. <3

    2. Yeah, that phoenix tattoo is pretty awesome! We had to write it in book one when we received the image of the book cover, we loved it so much! LOL - just a little known factoid.

  4. Hi, Carly I enjoyed reading your review and thank you for no spoilers only hints :) Hmm, yes Vince's ink...and John's blue eyes....sigh!

    On the first cover John almost appeared like an apparition and now he is solid and next to Vince, but almost appears afraid of that fact and I wonder if is his arm held up in defence or he is trying to hide? I look forward to reading this book...who are they both staring at?

    1. HI Sula, that's the big question, isn't it? Are they looking at out someone threatening their lives and happiness or at something just out of their reach? Can they live together forever given how different their essential natures are?
      Cheers, Vina

    2. I do love a man with blue eyes.... probably why I married one! :D

  5. Sula, yes good questions! John is having a difficult time falling in love and admitting it, but I have a sneaking suspicion when he does fall, he falls hard. We'll just have to see. :0 And there is a vulnerability in his blue eyes on this cover. Will he open up his heart completely and become vulnerable like we all do when we offer our heart to another. Love everyone's comments today!

  6. Great review, thanks for sharing!

  7. I really like the book and cover and the excerpt. I'd love to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway.