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Review: The Sergeant by Christa Tomlinson + A super cool Top Ten from Christa!


“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.”
– Sergeant Logan Pierce

Sergeant Logan Pierce: Head of Houston’s elite SWAT team. He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free. He’s a Dominant in the world of Bondage and Domination. As a Dom, he’s controlled many submissives, but never had one for his own. That’s because there’s only one man he wants: Corporal Clay Foster.

Corporal Clay Foster: Highly trained SWAT officer. He’s always the first one to face the dangerous situations of their job. Over the years he’d noticed his Sergeant’s secretly admiring glances and suspected his attraction. One night, with one kiss, he’s proven correct. Clay dives headlong into the rough passion of BDSM that Logan introduces him to. He submits to Logan’s control, accepting the sweet shackles that bind him to his Sergeant. But secrets, both his and Logan’s, force him to leave the newfound safety of his Dom’s arms.

Logan refuses to let go of what he’s wanted for so long, Clay as his own, proudly wearing his collar. Clay wants to be his. He knows it and Clay knows it too. Can Logan safely guide Clay through the obstacles that separate them until he can claim his submissive once more?
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By Christa Tomlinson

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10. Reading about a sexy man in police uniform is hot. Reading about two sexy men in police uniform is really hot. Reading about two sexy men in police uniform who have the hots for each other? Super-duper, make your electronic readers smoke, sizzle, and melt hot. 

 9. You’ll love Sergeant Logan Pierce because his urge to Dominate his Corporal is guided by love and passion, not feelings of hate or self-loathing. And Logan is truly hurt when he loses Clay.
          "I just wanted him to be mine so I could love him and take care of him. I should never have tried to control a man as strong as Clay.”

8. And because although Logan is a Dom, he isn’t perfect. He has to learn and grow in order to be the right man for his partner. And that’s something most of us want. A man who grows, not a plastic perfect hero. Unless you’d prefer to date a Ken doll. And, even Ken isn’t perfect.
"I feel like there’s something missing. I just can’t put my finger on it…"
7. You’ll love Clay because his desire to submit and confusion for why he wants to submit is real and emotional and beautiful to watch unfold.
6. Because with nothing more than a look and a few carefully chosen words, Sergeant Pierce can get Clay to willingly lay beneath him, bound and awaiting his Master’s pleasure. 
5. You’ll love them because these two just can’t fight the attraction they have for each other. So why should you?
          “We need to stop,” Logan said, breathing hard. But he looked down at the man beneath him and saw his lips parted, that sexy flush on his cheekbones. Clay’s tongue darted out, licking his bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth before he slowly released it. 
          “Fuck,” Logan breathed out. “Just one more kiss…”

4. Because if you don’t love them, Clay will throw Twizzlers at your head. (Inside joke which will make sense after you read The Sergeant. And we both know you’re going to read it, right?)

3. Also, Logan is stubborn. He refuses to give up on the man he loves. And to quote an ancient philosopher… that’s hot.
2. And because as one reader said, “There’s something about Clay that’s strong yet vulnerable. It’s endearing.”
And the Number One reason you’ll love Logan and Clay? Because they are two people who fall in love, rough, beautiful, passionate love. 

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My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Logan has had his eye on Clay for awhile now. He can't seem to shake his growing attraction for the outgoing and handsome man with a spirited sense of humor and distinct tendency to push boundaries. When the unexpected opportunity presents itself to show Clay his attraction, Logan can't resist his feelings any longer. As a sexual dominant, Logan has doubts that Clay's personality will allow him to submit to him fully, but it's a risk he's willing to take for a chance at finding love.

With a reputation for flitting from one relationship to another, Clay is taken by surprise when his Sergeant steals a kiss. The unexpected passion that explodes between them is more fulfilling than he ever dreamed possible. Just when Clay begins to think that he might have found the one person who will be more than a fling, Logan reveals his dominant side and everything changes. Willing to give the BDSM lifestyle a try, he agrees to submit to Logan and is taken by surprise by how emotionally freeing submission can be.

I had read so many great reviews for The Sergeant, and was started reading with high expectations. While I enjoyed the first two thirds, I finished the book with some very mixed feelings. The relationship that develops between Clay and Logan is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. Problematic almost from the start, Logan sends Clay a lot of mixed signals, and the biggest mistake they make is a distinct lack of communication. I realize that this is a work of fiction, it's essentially a handbook of “what not to do” when beginning a BDSM relationship. At the same time, it contained elements of pure authenticity, because we are all human, and not every relationship is a healthy one. What bothered me the most is that what happened between the two of them was written as being okay, rather than the dangerous and, at times, disturbingly manipulative situation that it was.

I think that the readers who are enjoying this story the most are ones that have no concept of what the BDSM lifestyle is really all about, and don't see the inherent problems. The Sergeant contains detailed sexual encounters, and a gritty writing style that initially drew me into the story, but lost momentum over time. Tomlinson presents readers with a fluctuating storyline that contains frequent changes in scene setting and character points of view that will keep readers on their toes! I felt that it would have benefited from editing to streamline the overall presentation into a more concisely written package. I would recommend this unique story to readers who are not looking for a fast paced story and are willing to overlook the issues I encountered.

A copy of The Sergeant was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.
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