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The Wolves of Daos 5 by Rebecca James: #Review #Excerpt #NewRelease @rjamesromance1 @GoIndiMarketing

Cover Artist: Brandyjo Newton
The Wolves of Daos 5
(Wolves of Daos 5, Book 1)
by Rebecca James

Length: 195 pages
Genre: Gay (M/M) Science Fiction, Paranormal, Mpreg, Romance
Michael has wrestled with anxiety his entire life, and finding out he’s half-werewolf doesn’t help matters. When bond-mate, Quinn, takes Michael to the werewolf colony, Michael finds more surprises in store for him, and some may be more than he can handle.

Michael’s life is about to change big-time. He’s always wrestled with anxiety, but he's finally gotten up the courage to face his fears and enter college. He won’t be living in the dorms, though—he’s not that courageous. Instead Michael rents a small cabin in the woods. While trying to fix a leaking roof, Michael loses his balance and falls. When he comes back to consciousness, it’s to find an extremely hot guy staring down at him. Unfortunately, the guy’s also nuts. His name is Quinn, and he says he’s a werewolf. Oh, and that Michael is one, too. And they’re true mates.

Seeing Quinn shift into wolf form finally convinces Michael that Quinn's for real, and after some time apart, Michael agrees to return to Quinn’s pack with him.

Daos 5 is unlike anything Michael’s ever seen, and he’s in for more than a few surprises there; including the fact that, incredibly, Michael’s going to have a baby. Add his new friend Ezzy into the mix, and Michael can’t seem to stay out of trouble. A reunion with his long-lost father, aliens, explosions, and a ob/gyn that looks terrifyingly like a huge garden slug are only some of the things Michael has to face, but with Quinn by his side, he’s finding it easier than he ever thought possible.
Looking over his shoulder as they walked, Michael saw that the milling crowd that had been gathering at the palace gates now filed in behind them, as though they’d been waiting for Quinn and Michael’s arrival in order to be admitted. Looking ahead, a vast courtyard lay before them with pruned hedges and extensive gardens that had been cut back in preparation for the coming winter. Michael’s heart picked up when he spotted what appeared to be several huge lizards lounging in the inner courtyard near the front of the palace where he and Quinn were not, thankfully, headed.

“Komodo dragons?” Michael asked.

“What? Oh, yes. We brought them here from Indonesia. Very effective deterrents to trespassers.”

“I’ll bet.” Michael stared at the frightening creatures.

“This way,” Quinn said, setting off toward the side, passing through an archway and along an ivy-covered wall where two guards led three chained and naked men headed for a door leading away from the main part of the stone structure. Quinn propelled Michael toward a larger iron door at the far end of the narrow lane. Michael couldn’t help but stare at the men. Were they slaves? They certainly appeared to be, with their dirty appearance and hands and feet manacled and the long chain connecting them one to the other.

“Prisoners,” Quinn said, as though answering Michael’s unasked question. Sometimes he really did seem to read Michael’s mind. “Escor. Scum.”

The corridor leading to the door was narrow and crowded. Quinn wrapped his arm around Michael’s waist and maneuvered them through, while Michael continued to stare at the prisoners. He’d never seen anyone like them; completely hairless, lacking even eyebrows and lashes, with long, slim feet and oddly-shaped heads. Two large werewolves wearing red tangas and brandishing curved sticks urged the prisoners along. As Quinn and Michael passed the line of men, one looked directly at Michael, his silver eyes with dark, vertical pupils reminding Michael of a snake. Michael thought they must be contact lenses—he’d seen some that gave a similar effect. As Michael returned the gaze, quick as lightning, the man’s tongue darted out, thin and forked, touching Michael on the arm at the same time that Atlas yelled and pulled Michael backward until his shoulder hit the opposite wall. Quinn threw himself at the prisoner, his hands around the man’s thick throat.
3 of 5 stars
There are a lot of things I love mixed into this book: shifters, aliens, and human logic vs. wolf instinct (which everyone knows complicates romance and mating equally). It opens with Quinn in his wolf form as he scents his mate for the first time. Michael is a bit of a loner who has trouble connecting with other people due to anxiety. I loved their first few scenes together, especially Michael's reaction to Quinn's presence, his explanation of who and what he is, and the h-o-t sex. Their attraction is instantaneous, the obvious chemistry makes it clear they're perfect for each other... but then things start to fall apart almost as rapidly as they began. From that point forward, their relationship suffers. They fall into a frustrating pattern of assuming and/or miscommunicating things, in addition to some serious culture shock (which Quinn is a bit of an ass about). They still work as a couple, but never quite regain their initial synchronicity.

Their world is part sci-fi, part alternate reality, and I loved the creative twists James introduces. I liked Michael, Quinn and several of the other characters, but I'm not a big fan of Michael's dad... with good reason, I'm sure you'll agree. Book 2 is sure to be interesting and I'm looking forward to it!
Rebecca James writes m/m and m/m/m romance in the contemporary, paranormal, and sci-fi genres. Writing has been her passion since childhood, but it wasn't until recently that she got up the courage to publish. She lives in the southern United States with her husband and three children.

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