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Blind Spot by Maggie Kavanagh: #Review #GuestPost #Giveaway @maggie_kavanagh

Cover Artist: Maria Fanning
Blind Spot
(The Stonebridge Mysteries, Book 3)
by Maggie Kavanagh

Length: 206 pages
Genres: BDSM, Bisexual, M/M, Contemporary, Crime/Suspense
Living together is bliss for Sam Flynn and Nathan Walker, but things never stay quiet in Stonebridge for long. On the night of Sam’s twenty-ninth birthday, the much-hated mayor of Stonebridge is found dead at his home. Sam suspects foul play, but just as he starts investigating the list of possible culprits, Nathan gets word of a new undercover assignment—one that includes a mysterious, sexy new partner. Though Sam struggles to trust Nathan and control his jealousy during Nathan's absence, the stress makes a return to the bottle seem not only tempting, but inevitable—especially when Nathan starts avoiding his calls.

Yet Nathan's fidelity isn't the only thing on Sam's mind. A visit from the mayor's ex-assistant puts Sam in the line of fire, and he’s drawn into a complex web of duplicity spanning back to the night of his parents’ accident. Sam’s journey to uncover the truth about what really happened threatens to unravel long-held beliefs about his parents and puts his relationship with Nathan to the ultimate test.
First, I’d like to thank Carly for having me back on her blog for the final installation of the Stonebridge Mysteries, Blind Spot!

Sam and Nathan, the MCs, have gone through a lot in the past two novels. While this book is most closely aligned with the plot of Double Indemnity, the first book in the series, it also picks up some threads from the second book, Inner Sanctum. One of the biggest challenges in writing this series was thinking ahead to books I hadn’t written yet. While each of the novels contains a discrete mystery, they are also building up to a climax at the end of the final book that, I hope, ties everything together. I would definitely suggest reading in order for maximum impact.

What I really loved about writing this book was the growth of Nathan and Sam’s relationship. They start out in a very solid place at the beginning, but then they experience challenges both individually and as a couple that test them and their future together. Neither of them is perfect, and their relationship isn’t perfect, but it works for them and makes them stronger as a team.

This is also the steamiest book in the trilogy. Intimacy is a major theme, as both Sam and Nathan seek connection through their play. While Nathan and Sam prefer a D/s dynamic in the bedroom, they also challenge strict roles, especially in their everyday lives. In the first two books Sam and Nathan are coming to terms with their desires and how to articulate them; in Blind Spot they are hitting their stride as a couple.

It’s been a long road, and I’ll miss writing these characters. Thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed reading about Sam and Nathan and encouraged me to continue the series! I hope you enjoy this last chapter.

I need some new reading material. Tell me your favorite book of 2015 and why in the comments below for a chance to win an ebook copy of any of the three novels in the Stonebridge Mysteries!

5 of 5 stars
Blind Spot is the perfect conclusion to the amazing Stonebridge Mystery series. I've been in love with Sam and Nathan since the very beginning and seeing their story come to an end is bitter sweet. The story line is dynamic, the characters are compelling and the mystery is captivating; full of unexpected twist and turns. Maggie Kavanagh's ability to consistently invigorate her writing style guarantees a fresh reading experience that never fails to impress. Stonebridge Mysteries is a truly outstanding series. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend that you give it a try. As sad as I am to turn the final page on Sam and Nathan's story, I'm eagerly anticipating where Kavanagh's next adventure will take me. 
Maggie Kavanagh writes gay romances that explore flawed, human characters finding love. She went to graduate school for English literature and reads and writes voraciously, whenever she can steal a moment alone. You can find her in the wee morning hours typing away with coffee at hand and cat in lap, happily embodying the romance writer cliché.

While she focuses mainly on contemporary romance and mystery, don’t be surprised if a historical or supernatural tale slips into the mix, as she’s always eager to explore different genres. She lives in Southern California.

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