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Valor on the Move by Keira Andrews: #Review @keiraandrews @GoIndiMarketing

Valor on the Move
by Keira Andrews

Length: 225 pages
Genres: Gay (M/M), Contemporary, Romance
He’d give his life to protect the president’s son. But he never expected to risk his heart.

Growing up gay in the White House hasn’t been easy for Rafael Castillo. Codenamed “Valor” by the Secret Service, Rafa feels anything but brave as he hides in the closet and tries to stay below the radar in his last year of college. His father’s presidency is almost over, and he just needs to stick to his carefully crafted plan. Once his family’s out of the spotlight, he can be honest with his conservative parents about his sexuality and his dream of being a chef. It’s definitely not part of Rafa’s plan to get a new Secret Service agent who’s a walking wet dream, but he’s made it this long keeping his desires to himself. Besides, it’s not like Shane Kendrick would even look at him twice if it wasn’t his job.

Shane’s worked his way up through the Secret Service ranks, and while protecting the president’s shy, boring son isn’t his dream White House assignment, it’s an easy enough task since no one pays Rafa much attention. He discovers there’s a vibrant young man beneath the timid public shell, and while he knows Rafa has a crush on him, he assures himself it’s harmless. Shane’s never had room for romance in his life, and he’d certainly never cross that line with a protectee. Keeping Rafa safe at any cost is Shane’s mission. But as Rafa gets under his skin, will they both put their hearts on the line?
3 of 5 stars
The character build up is excellent. Rafa and Shane contrast each other nicely as a young man and older, more experienced, yet still youthful love interest. There are lots of sweet moments between the two of them that made me say awwww. Espcially in the beginning, where it's high-school-romance cute with a strong YA vibe I wasn't expecting but I'm loving it. 

When the tentative romance that has been steadily building explodes into a hot mess, and the secondary story line takes a sharp and unexpected turn as well, I was blindsided. It was a case of mental whiplash. What, wait, slow down. Where did sweet Rafa go? When did he grow up? Did I miss that part? Nope (flips back a couple of pages) it's simply missing. My physically sheltered, sexually repressed, emotionally underdeveloped young man is suddenly a tiger. Ummmmm, I am beginning to feel very uncomfortable with this turn of events.

Valor on the Move is professional, well written, and interesting, but left an off taste in my mouth. Shane knew the score and was as careful as he could be regarding Rafa's initial crush and his own awakening feelings, but when Rafa moves into deeper waters Shane's level headedness takes a leave of absence and he dives in right after his young charge. 

I liked certain parts, especially at the beginning, but overall: I didn't, couldn't, love it, because if this was a real life story about someone I cared about I'd be pissed at Shane (who should've know better), an emotion the HEA ending wasn't able to erase.
After writing for years yet never really finding the right inspiration, Keira discovered her voice in gay romance, which has become a passion. She writes contemporary, historical, paranormal, and fantasy fiction, and—although she loves delicious angst along the way—Keira firmly believes in happy endings. For as Oscar Wilde once said, “The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what fiction means.”

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