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Deep Water by Nicola Cameron: #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway @YesItsNicolaC

Deep Water
(Olympic Cove, Book 3
by Nicola Cameron
Genres: Menage Romance/Fantasy
Poseidon, God of the Sea, has spent millennia alone due to a single terrible act. His consort Amphitrite has sworn never to forgive him, and he’s forced to live with the knowledge that he drove an innocent girl to her doom.

But when one of the Olympic Cove cottages gets an occupant with an all-too-familiar soul, Poseidon discovers that the Fates have given him a second chance. Now he must try to right the wrongs of the past and win back both his beloved consort and the mate he betrayed.

Assuming, of course, that the Mad Nereid Thetis doesn’t interfere…
Feeling like he was in another one of his dreams, Griffin let himself be eased onto the beach blanket. He stretched out, wiggling a bit to get comfortable as Dunn followed him and did the same. Overhead, the Floridian night was heavily spangled with stars. 

“This is nice. Should’ve done this the first night I got here.” He glanced at Dunn. The man was a shadowy form stretched out at length, hands clasped placidly on his middle. “Comfortable?”

“Very,” Dunn said, staring up at the stars. “You’re right. This is quite lovely.”

“Yeah.” Griffin swallowed. He had no idea what to do next.

Except to be honest. “Dunn, I need to say something.”


“I hope this doesn’t offend you because I really don’t want to do that, and to be honest I don’t know why I feel this way but…” He swallowed, hearing his throat click. “I really want to kiss you right now. If you don’t want to, it’s fine, I understand, but I thought I’d ask.”

“Ah.” Dunn’s head turned towards him. “Well, then, if we’re being honest, I’d like to kiss you as well.”

Something electric shot through Griffin, swamping the fear. “Oh. I didn’t … I mean, I thought—”

“That I prefer women? I do, as I suspect you do. But I’ve been known to make exceptions.” The other man chuckled softly. “I believe the term is heteroflexible.”

My God, has he done this before? That’s not bad, though. At least one of us knows what he’s doing. “Okay, good. Um…”

“Shall I come over there?”


Griffin rolled onto his side and Dunn mirrored him. A hand came up and cupped his cheek, warm against the soft coolness of the evening breeze.

He closed his eyes as Dunn leaned forward. Lips brushed against his, delicately intent. His lips tingled under the soft pressure, and he could feel the prickle of Dunn’s mustache and beard, something he’d never felt before, at least not during a kiss.

It was weird and slightly scary. It was also fucking terrific. “Do that again,” he whispered when Dunn pulled back.

“Eagerness. I like that in a man.” 

They kissed again, and Griffin let his lips open. The tip of Dunn’s tongue traced along them with that same delicacy. The sensation sizzled across his nerve endings, poking his dormant libido right where it counted.

Dunn pulled back a bit. “If you want to stop at any time, say so,” he said, his voice rough.

“Right, got it. Now kiss me again.”

He did, tongue slipping into Griffin’s mouth with deft skill. Griffin gave himself over to it, enjoying the sensation. It was similar to kissing a woman but with a different undertone to it, hungrier somehow. He felt like he didn’t have to hold back, that anything he threw at Dunn the other man could take.

And then Dunn’s tongue licked along the roof of his mouth, sending sparks of desire shooting through him. He couldn’t help moaning in unabashed pleasure.

Dunn took that as a signal to roll closer, fitting himself along Griffin’s body. It was like the kiss, scary and exciting at the same time. Dunn slid an arm around him, a hand coming to rest in the small of his back as his mouth continued to duel sweetly with Griffin’s.

After a bit Griffin felt something poking him in the thigh. It dawned on him what was happening. He broke the kiss with a gasp, sucking in air. “Fuck. You’re hard.”

“Well, yes, that does happen.” Dunn sounded amused. “Does it bother you?”

Griffin gulped. It should, he knew that. And yet all he wanted to do was do a wicked little shimmy against Dunn, make the other man moan for once. “No. It’s fine.”

But Dunn paused, his hand lightening on Griffin’s back. “You’re not aroused.”

He shook his head. “It was the last round of radiation. Haven’t been able to get it up since.”

“Oh.” Dunn’s hand came to rest again, but now it was on his waist. “Am I hurting you? Doing this, I mean?”

“If you’re asking me if you’re giving me blue balls, yeah, a little.” He swallowed again. “If you’re asking me if I want to stop, the answer’s no. Just don’t expect me to be poking you back.”

He wasn’t sure, but he could have sworn he saw Dunn smile. “All right.”
4 of 5 stars
I'm a bit of a history geek with an interest in mythology and am always on the lookout for books that combine my nature interests with a well written story line. I've loved this series so far and eagerly await each of Cameron's installments. The story line continues to develop from book to book as the cast of characters grows to include both old characters and new.

Deep Water focuses on Poseidon and it's the first time Cameron has tackled one of the major gods. It's always a bit tricky fictionalizing a character whose story is so well known outside of the series setting, but I thought that she did an okay job of transferring what's known into the realm of her imagination. I really liked Griffin, and his personality is just what the doctor ordered to help loosen up Poseidon's old school way of thinking.

For some reason, don't ask me why, I thought this was a trilogy, so when I got to the end and it's a clear lead on to the next book a part of me said 'noooooo' good needs to triumph over evil while the other part of me said 'yessssss' there's going to be more! Just get ready for the pseudo-cliffhanger, as Cameron always wraps up her character's stories while carrying on the overall plot. The character chemistry is what keeps drawing me back to this series. Throwing Amphitrite into middle of what has been a strictly male on male series up to this point was an unexpected but necessary twist that worked for me in the long run, because chicks can be badass too and Amphitrite isn't about to sit at home and wait while her men are out fighting to save the world!

Nicola Cameron has had a healthy interest in sex since puberty, but it wasn’t until 2012 that she decided to write about it. Turns out that the skills picked up during her SF writing career transfer rather nicely to erotic romance and erotica — who knew?



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  1. Thanks for having Deep Water on today! There will actually be six books total in the series, so there's still some adventures to come (not to mention Ian's big confrontation with Thetis over the fate of the planet -- everything in the series is leading up to that.) And there will be more female characters to come as well, but never fear -- I don't do damsels in distress. There will be two utterly kickass selkie warrior women in Book Four, and I think even the devout M/M fans will be cheering them on.