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Undying Hunger by Jessica Lee: #Review @jessleenovels

Undying Hunger
(The Enclave, Book 4)
by Jessica Lee

Length: 266 pages
Genres: (M/F), Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance
All she can remember is hunger...for him.

A year ago, Alexandria Stevens strode through the doors of Wicked Ways and into the arms of a man—a monster, really—who stole everything from her. Her memory. Her life. Now she's a creature of darkness with only hazy images in her mind of that night and a confusing jumble of emotions. A fierce hate...and an even fiercer desire for Markus Santini.

Markus has walked through this world for more than a hundred years, knowing exactly who and what he was, until Alexandria undid it all. Undid him. When a former vampire colleague threatens one of the Enclave’s own, Markus is needed—but only as the dark, powerful creature he once was. And in order to become that, he must find the arms of a woman who despises him with every breath she can no longer take.
5 of 5 stars
Markus is a desperate man trapped between bloodlust and love. Willing to do anything, sacrifice everything, to save the only woman capable of shining light on his blackened heart. Pushing her away, knowing she will hate him for the rest of her days, is the hardest thing he has ever done. But for Markus, knowing she is alive is worth every moment he spends alone.

Trapped in a world of darkness and danger, Alexandria curses Markus every day for ruthlessly ripping her human life away. To her everlasting dismay, she feels inexplicably drawn to her former captor, and fights the pull of their blood bond with every breath she takes.

The scorching passion of Undying Hunger is irresistible. Markus and Alexandria's story is a supernova of epic proportions. I simply couldn't put it down. I love this series, and just when I think it can't get any better, Jessica Lee blows my mind and exceeds my wildest expectation. This is one series you do not want to miss!

Jessica Lee is an EPIC eBook Award winner and international bestselling author of paranormal romance. She lives in the southeastern United States with her husband and son. In her former life, Jessica was a science geek and spent over twenty-five years as a nurse. But after the birth of her son, she left her medical career behind. During that transition, she discovered her passion for writing romance and has never looked back. Jessica Lee is currently published by three houses: Entangled Publishing, Resplendence Publishing, and Ellora's Cave. In addition, she has several self-published titles available. Jessica is a member of Romance Writers of America and Carolina Romance Writers.

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