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Osaki by Remmy Duchene: #GuestPost #NewRelease #Giveaway @remmyduchene @Totally_Bound

(Shivers, Book 2)
by Remmy Duchene

Length: 53,817 words
Genres: Gay (M/M), Multicultural, Mythology
Once a samurai, always a Shiver...

Kofi Olabasu needs a vacation. He’s spent so much time looking out for his brother and working that he’s completely neglected himself. To make matters worse, feelings for a man are driving him crazy. The moment Kofi feels Osaki, he knows something is about to change. Confused about his attraction to Osaki, he agrees to take a vacation and accepts Osaki’s offer of being Kofi’s tour guide in Japan. However, nothing is as it seems. Soon every dark corner is filled with danger and those who wish to do him harm.

Osaki has a lot on his plate and love is the last thing he has time for. Not only does he have to get used to his new powers as a Shiver and all the training it involves, but he also finds himself being drawn to a human—though Kofi makes it clear he’s into women—and Osaki must respect the man’s wishes. All Osaki really has to do is focus on training and being the best tour guide possible for Kofi. But nothing ever goes as planned and soon rogue Shivers are popping out of the woodwork, hell-bent on destroying Osaki for his inheritance. It soon becomes quite clear that they want him dead, and they’re not afraid to use Kofi as leverage—or as collateral damage.

Publisher's Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.
Zeus and his Affairs

From the very first class of mythology that I entered into, they taught me that Zeus was a little bit of a man-whore. What do I mean by that? He was always sleeping with people, sometimes against their will—he would change himself into men or other creatures, have his way with someone and leave. When he did that the women would usually become pregnant and then Zeus would take off back to Olympus leaving the women to deal with the children alone….don’t believe me? Read the background behind Perseus and Hercules. 

All that is well and good, but there were two problems with that behavior.

One-Those women had no idea they were sleeping with Zeus.

Two – Zeus was married. He was hitched to Hera and she was—for the lack of a better term—cray cray.

You see, Hera was like every other woman when it came to her men—she wanted them for herself and she didn’t play well with others. 

The most famous woman to be impregnated by Zeus was Alcmene- she was the wife to the King of Thebes and gave birth to Hercules. When she became pregnant, Hera knotted her legs so she could not give birth. 

Leto (Artemis and Apollo’s mother) was another that Zeus knocked up – Hera forbade her to give birth on the ground so she had to find a floating island to have her twins. 

Semele who was Dionysus’ mother? Yup she fell for Zeus’ lines too. Hera, pretended to be Semele’s nurse and after she gave birth, convinced Semele to ask Zeus to show her his true form—Zeus then had to kill her (I wonder if that’s where the term “If I told you, I’d have to kill you” came from? Hrm…should Google that) . But see what I mean?

Hera gave the term “woman scorned” a whole new meaning.

And even with all of this, Zeus didn’t stop. Perhaps it was the power, or maybe the men or beings he morphed into were just so damn cute. Whatever the reason, he seemed to get off on taunting and screwing around—maybe he loved it when Hera became jealous of him.

The strange thing I found when I was digging through Zeus’ life and affairs was that his children were always the ones who suffered most from his indiscretions. Take Hercules—from birth he was cursed. Hera made him mad so he killed his own children! That led him to perform the 12 labours to gain forgiveness! 

And don’t get me started on poor Echo. Zeus brought the nymph in to distract Hera from his affairs. When she found out she cursed the poor guy to only be able to repeat words of others – he cannot say his own words. 

So you see? Having Hera put a curse on the Goddess of the Storm Winds’ children isn’t such a stretch. She’s been famous for getting revenge on her competition all her married life. The thing is she takes it out on the children, not her cheating husband and that’s the part that blows royal chunks. 

However, in book two to my SHIVERS series, Osaki was not born Shiver, he inherited the powers, he inherited the curse Hera placed on the SHIVERS when they were in the womb. Wouldn’t it be something if you had a curse on you that could not be broken and when you have your kids, they’d gain it too? That would give new meaning to the term sins of the father, would it not?

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Remmy Duchene
Zeus’ eyes flashed as the sky darkened and lightening streaked across it. Osaki glanced at Kofi for a split second to ensure he was still by his side then eyed Zeus. 

“I am not a fool, Zeus. Tell me true. Why are you really here?”

“I do not know why Ciro saw it fit to give you more than you already had. You did not deserve these abilities.”

“That is what you came here to do? To say the same thing the rogues have been saying since Aerios tried to wipe us out? Save your...”

“Now wait a minute!” Kofi spoke up, shoving roughly against Osaki’s arm.

“Kofi...” Osaki warned.

“No!” Kofi said, stepping forward. “No. He has no right talking to you like that. One of his dumbass sons tossed a fucking lightning bolt at me, and almost killed you and now he has the nerve to say you don’t deserve to be a Shiver? To hell with that.”

Osaki couldn’t tell the last time he was so proud. Here was a man who wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed in and this man—if he could find some way to make it happened—was all his.

“I could crush you with a thought,” Zeus threatened.

“But we both know you’re not going to because Koi and Ciro would burn your pathetic world to the ground.”

Zeus took a step back. Osaki was shocked for it seemed Kofi’s words genuinely scared Zeus. What was going on?

“You sit on mount Olympus only venturing down here when you’re horny and then leave your poor, unsuspecting victims to handle the messes you’ve created!” Kofi continued. “Forget king of the Gods, you’re a coward!”

“How dare you! I am Zeus!” 

Kofi lifted his hand like he was holding a sock puppet. “Blah, blah-fucking-blah! Who gives a flying fuck? There is a battle happening here. And all you can do is come down here and try to throw your power around? We’re not impressed.” Kofi took a step toward Zeus which made Osaki very uncomfortable. “You are either on our side or you’re part of the problem.”

“Is he yours?” Zeus asked Osaki.

“Stick around, Zeus and you will learn, Kofi belongs to no one,” Osaki spoke. “But I am his.”

Multi-published Remmy Duchene was born in St. Anns, Jamaica and moved to Canada at a young age. When not working or writing, Remmy loves dabbling in photography, travelling and spending time with friends and family.
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