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Love's Last Bite by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey: #Review #Excerpt #Giveaway @vinagreyauthor @vikilynromance @GoddessFish

Love’s Last Bite
(Orbus Arcana, Book 3)
by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

Genres: Paranormal, M/M, Romance
Dark forces, a vampire, plus one sexy cop is a recipe for trouble.

VINCENT KAMATEROS is no longer the lonely exiled vampire running a cupcake shop, but the heir to his father’s throne.

JOHN REEDER is out and accepts his vampire lover, but he has to deal with his lover being destined to rule the vampire kingdom.

While Vince and John revel in their new-found love, dark forces are at work in Orbus Arcana, determined to keep the progressive Vince from becoming the next vampire king.

Time is short and decisions loom. Their irrevocable choices will change their lives forever. 
Vincent’s gaze was liquid silver with emotion—love. John ran the tip of his tongue over his lips.

Vincent’s voice dropped, strange words rolling off his tongue like slow, late-night music. Sexy and seductive, the vampire language snagged John’s attention, holding him a willing captive.

“What did you say just now? Are you going to force me to learn another language?” John teased. “Italian is hard enough.”

“In your blue eyes, my heart is captured. How will I ever find my way back? In your blue eyes, I find my guide on life’s journey. Don’t close your eyes to me, beloved, for then I surely will be lost.”

Fearless. Fearless with his emotions. Fearless in love. That was the essence of Vincent.

John’s heart jumped in his throat. Jesus. Vincent held nothing back. Vincent had powerful strength and abilities, but his lover’s gentle nature was what he’d come to love the most. He’d allow no one to destroy this compassionate side of Vincent.

“Te amo.” John’s voice came out tight as he worked his throat.

Vincent closed his eyes for a brief moment. “And I thank the Creator every day for that.”

Vincent swallowed, the movement drawing attention to the sensual, long, brown column of his throat. Vincent took John’s mouth in a slow kiss, his tongue sliding inside, sweeping aside John’s worry, his dark flavor of wine, salt air and Vincent so intoxicating.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh my goodness; Love's Last Bite is stunningly sexy! As John and Vince are pulled deeper into the cloak and dagger politics between the J and the Council, their day to day lives become increasingly dangerous.

Both men face prejudice from their families regarding their relationship and the new bond between them is put to the test.  Tension rises as Vincent is forced to spend more time in Verno, less in Arizona, and John quickly learns how little he knows about his lover's complex vampire roots.

I've been anxiously awaiting this final series installment. Fast paced, adventurous, suspenseful and loaded with sensuality, John and Vince are so hot they practically burn the pages. I was thrilled with the ending!

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An introvert and artist with a healthy dose of skepticism about life and love =Viki. An extrovert and academic and a die-hard romantic =Vina. It was so not a match made in heaven. But Viki and Vina discovered a mutual love of traveling around the world, the paranormal, good coffee, and a healthy admiration for their respective creativity. Sitting in a coffee shop one day, they started brainstorming about story plots and Vince and John and the car crash in the bakery. A story was born. Vina writes the sappy romance and Viki tempers it. Between them, they managed to find their boys a ‘happily ever after’.
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  1. The book has such a great cover and I enjoyed reading the excerpt.


  2. Oh, oh, OH. What a great review - thank you. You know, as writers, we do the best we can....and when you all appreciate it, it's a high like no other! Thank you for hosting us here as well.
    ShirleyAnn, agree with you on the may have heard me hint at this before but with each cover, my fave alpha changed - lol
    Off to a wonderful day - hope yours is too.

  3. Thank you Carly for hosting us today! And, the wonderful review. Vina is always changing between which alpha is her fav! I have a difficult time choosing between John and Vince. Next book will feature John's new BFF - LOL - Angelo will take center stage. He's been trying to do that for three books now!

  4. Thanks for the review! I'm definitely reading this series. =)

  5. Loved the excerpt (writing is so descriptive and evocative) and the review was great! Thanks for the chance to win.

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  7. Congrats on the great review! I like the tension about the families and council mentioned in it.

  8. Wow. I love everyone's comments. Thanks for stopping by today! The excerpt was fun to write. John's POV of having a vampire lover... :)

  9. Congratulations on the newest release! What a great cover and the excerpt is hawt!

  10. love finding new authors...specially PNR ones!

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