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Tristan's Lover by Nicoline Tiernan: Excerpt, #Review, #Giveaway @GoddessFish

Tristan’s Lover
(Nexus, Book 1)
by Nicoline Tiernan

Genres: M/M, Paranormal, BDSM, Erotic, Romance
Tristan has all the time in the world to be in love. He’s going to live eternally—that’s what vampires do. And now that he’s found his soul mate in Eric he plans on living happily forever after. But not all stories can have a fairytale ending, especially when Eric’s father, the lycan king, has declared war against all vampires. Will their love survive?

Warnings: MM, shifter sex, BDSM elements
Eric rushed to the doors. They were dented severely, but still remained closed. “Tough doors.” Bombshell scratched his head. Eric kicked at the doors in frustration. They squeaked open and fell off their hinges with a resounding crash. “Not tough, just pretending.” said Bombshell.

Eric ran through the opening only to have his gas mask knocked off his face. He hit the floor hard. He hadn’t expected resistance on the other side. He shook his head to clear the stars that danced in front of his eyes. The owner of the weapon that sent Eric reeling stood over him, a mace raised to deal the final blow. Eric caught the sudden movement before the guard did as Bombshell landed a flying tackle around the guard’s waist.

Eric was up and stumbling toward the center of the room where he hoped to find Tristan. Through the haze of the smoke and a muddled head, he could see a figure bent over as though genuflecting and chained to the ground. “Tristan?” He received no answer. He staggered to the figure and dropped to his knees before him. Tristan’s clothes were torn and bloody. His body was limp and lifeless. “Tristan,” Eric said touching the hair matted with blood. He prayed that he wasn’t too late. He gently lifted Tristan’s face with his hands desperately searching for any signs of life.

Tristan opened his eyes and looked up into Eric’s face. “Hey, you look like hell.”

“You’ve never looked better.” He pulled Tristan into a hug. “Let’s get you out of here.” Eric tugged on the chains holding Tristan. He knew he could break them in his lycan form, but he didn’t have the strength to change.

Gun shots rang out behind Eric. He turned to see who was doing the shooting when he was lifted bodily from the floor and sent flying across the room.
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

What starts out as a feud between vampires and lycans quickly turns into a story of star crossed lovers. Pitted against bad guys that are fun to hate, but not entirely evil, Tristan and Eric have chemistry that is lighthearted and sex scenes that are smokin' hot.

TRISTAN'S LOVER has slightly off-beat characters, an engaging story line, dry humor and a dash of suspense. After reading the synopsis I was expecting a dramatic clash of paranormal opposites but what I found was an entertaining story that's fun to read and left me smiling. Well written and edited, I'd recommend this story to readers of erotic M/M paranormal romance who are looking for a short story that contains sensuality with mild BDSM elements, doesn't take itself too seriously, and has characters that aren't afraid to bite.
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Nicoline has written 8 New Adult and ménage Hot Lunches for Lost Goddess Publishing, and she’s currently working on a series of MM novellas. The paranormal has always fascinated Nic and she’s looking forward to exploring fantasy worlds and the desires within.