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The Legend of the Diamond Globe by Evelise Archer: Guest Post #Review #Giveaway @EveliseArcher

The Legend of the Diamond Globe
by Evelise Archer

Genres: Contemporary Erotic Romance, M/M/M (Ménage/Multiple Partners)
Three fierce warriors are hired to search for and retrieve a lost diamond- a diamond globe reputed to have magical powers for those who have it in their possession. Eri Akari, Cheveyo Cloud, and Adolfo Martino—mercenaries for hire, tired and restless, look to live a simpler life. Lovers and compatriots, one last mission with a large payoff can be just the ticket they need to get out of the business. Fahad Bahar al Menoit walks into their lives in need of help: little does he know that the help he may receive could cost him everything he treasures.

What happens when you mix an eagle, whale and wolf with a sleek panther? Can true happiness be found and what power does the diamond globe truly hold? Is wealth found in a bank account or is true wealth found in the heart?
Carly: What inspired you to set 'The Legend of the Diamond Globe' in a city with such a controversial history? What kind of research did you do for this story?

Evelise: As a lover of history, I have always been interested in the Middle East, religion and their conflicting, yet intertwined viewpoints. Culture and religion are an integral part of my own life and I have a love of learning about others. One of my favorite books of all times is Exodus by Leon Uris. I still have my original copy I received as a teenager, which started me on the path of my historical love affair.

Israel, especially and the breathing mystery of the country has been at the top of my list of research. Luckily I already new quite a bit about the area, and then I researched the remainder of what I needed to write the book.

I did not want to create any cliches nor insult anyone, so since I created Fahad's conflicting character as Palestinian, I felt comfortable in creating the other men Asian, Latin and Native American. I didn't want to write a shifter book, yet I wanted the freedom of mysticism since the cultures lend themselves to it. 
I hope the readers take away a bit of knowledge and fall in love with Fahad and the men of Elemental, Inc. as much as I loved writing about them.
Fahad lifted his hips and Adolfo slipped the sweat pants down his legs and off. They landed on the floor with a slight swoosh. His cock was suddenly engulfed by the gorgeous Latino as Adolfo swallowed it down to the root. Adolfo’s body, poised between his legs, stretched his inner thighs apart until they burned. Taken by surprise, an unmanly sound escaped from Fahad’s mouth, his body bowing off the mattress. “Oh fuck, that’s so good.”

Adolfo worked his cock, his tongue running up and down the large, underside vein. The small appendage of the Latino’s tongue dipped into his slit. Pre-cum dripped into the man’s mouth as Adolfo laved his cock, his tongue going to task between fucking his slit and sucking the rod.

“That’s just the start,” Eri chimed in as he kneeled on Fahad’s left side. Fahad eyed the man with a wary look, unsure of what he was in for. He didn’t have to wait long to have Eri’s lips sucking on his left nipple while the other hand played with the right one. Eri pinched and tugged on the small nub, and the stimulation ran straight to his cock. The cock was so engorged with blood he didn’t know how Adolfo kept it in his mouth.

“Come on, baby, lift a little for me.” Cheveyo’s voice sounded far away, although the man positioned himself to Fahad’s right. Adolfo’s hands wrapped around his hips and lifted him ever so slightly as Cheveyo placed a small pillow underneath him. The pillow elevated him to just the right height and angle. For what? Fahad thought. Ass exposed, dick in Adolfo’s mouth, and nipples tortured by Eri, Fahad didn’t have to wait long to discover the necessity of the pillow.

A whirlwind of activity took place with Fahad as the centerpiece of action. Adolfo’s mouth never relinquished the sweet torture on his dick as the man repositioned his body to Fahad’s right, switching places with Cheveyo. Fahad’s mind endeavored to catch up with the flurry that surrounded him.

Warm air blew on his taint, and he attempted to close his legs as the large Native American’s frame prohibited the motion. Embarrassment and thrill simultaneously ran through his body, his blood aflame. No one had ever entered his rear entrance, not even Fahad himself. The most daring experimentation he ever did was a slight rub with some lotion to soften the muscle, but he had never penetrated himself. Fahad figured once he did, it would be somewhat like a virgin losing her virginity for the first time when her hymen broke. Yes, Fahad knew that sounded ridiculous, but he desired to save himself for the love of his life, his chosen destiny. In this case, three destinies.

First he felt a warm breath, and then the unimaginable. A tongue swiped across his hole, small, cat-like licks in between warm air. Stimulation became the new game. “No, no, no,” Fahad’s voice repeated as all three men continued to work him like a violinist with her bow. “Oh Allah, please no, don’t stop.”

“Shush, koji, relax and let us make you feel good. This is just to take the edge off. We have all night.” Eri’s lips were red with a slight coating of saliva from sucking on Fahad’s nipple. The man continued to play with his other nipple, a simple tug went straight to Fahad’s balls. “Oh, I think a piercing or two may be in your future.”

“I can’t, please. It’s too much. I’ve never.”

“Then come, koji. Give us your release and pleasure. The first one will be the strongest and then you can relax into the sensation.” Fahad tried to understand the words that came from Eri’s slick, stained mouth, but the tug on his nipple, his cock encased in the warm moist heat of Adolfo’s mouth, and the ass play left him few brain cells to rationalize Eri’s words. He needed release but he felt almost overstimulated, just on the precipice of explosion, but unable to find what he needed to tip the scale. And then it happened. He felt a wetness enter his channel. Not a lubed finger, but something smaller and pointed. Cheveyo’s tongue. The man actually entered his nether region with his tongue. He fucked his ass, in and out, his tongue swiping in a circular motion to stimulate his passageway. It was the catalyst Fahad needed to topple him over. He lifted his hips off the bed as Adolfo held his waist, and his cock drove to the back of Adolfo’s throat.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THE LEGEND OF THE DIAMOND GLOBE is one of the most intriguingly unique books I've read in a long time.  It begins with an established triad of lovers, each with a distinctly ethnic and cultural background. What ties them together is their fierce nature, love for each other and the tie each man has with a unique animal through their own spiritual identity.

A contemporary romance set primarily in modern day Jerusalem, the three men are summoned by Fahad Bahar al Menoit, a young and influential Arab, to investigate a mystic legend that dates back to the years during and after WWII. The dramatic changes that took place in Jerusalem between the Jewish and Arab communities during that time still affect the cultural and political atmosphere today.

A dramatic adventure with passion and romance, THE LEGEND OF THE DIAMOND GLOBE is enhanced by the historical parallels and individual spiritual journeys that tie this group of lovers together.

A well written and intriguing mystery that is as sensual as it is substantial, the story captured my imagination and intrigued my mutual love of culture, history and romance. This was my first introduction to Evelise Archer's storytelling and I'm looking forward to reading more of her books soon!
An avid reader and story teller, wife, mother and educator, Evelise is living her dream with her loving husband, two dogs , and three children who visit often. Fueled by desire for a strong cup of coffee and a passion for literature, Evelise can be found reading her favorite books on her e-reader or in front of her lap top spinning her next tale.


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