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Cherished Mate by Vanessa Sims: Guest Post, Review, Giveaway & More!

Cherished Mate
(Red Moon Pack, Book 4)
by Vanessa Sims

Genres: M/M, Paranormal, Erotic, Romance
One heart calls to another.

Snatched away from his family and friends, Nicholas struggles to stay alive while in the hands of a madman, but even the enhanced strength of a shifter can only last so long.

Kicked out of his pack at a young age because he preferred men, Anton has no desire to be responsible for anyone other than himself. Over the course of his travels he meets other misfits, and despite serious doubts, reluctantly accepts the position of Alpha.

Two souls, damaged by the hate that consumes those around them, recognize each other in the darkness of night. Betrayal, insecurities, and overwhelming loss threaten the fragile bond that begins to grow between them. Can Nicholas and Anton meld their broken halves together to create a whole, or will enemies tear them apart before they find the courage to grasp their opportunity for love?
Greetings everyone! Carly asked me to share the ten things I liked most about writing Cherished Mate. Here goes nothing.
  1. Anton - I loved how he came to life as I wrote about him. Shockingly, he wasn’t my first choice as a mate for Nicholas.
  2. Nicholas - I loved that he came to life the way he did. He suffered, but after a brief moment of craziness he came back to his senses.
  3. Anton’s sense of humor (though as Carly said only really came out when Noah was around.)
  4. I loved that I got to write another story in the series. That I set up in a way that I put out more books.
  5. I love the characters from the other books making an appearance.
  6. I loved how the characters flowed together.
  7. Anton’s and Nicholas’ possessiveness towards each other.
  8. 9. 10. I love that I get to work with Carly! If you only knew the things we talked about while going over the books. (Though we need to work on the late nights. I can’t keep staying up til 2 in the morning!)

Thank you all for your support and I hope you enjoy Cherished Mate as much as I enjoyed writing it! Hopefully you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll enjoy it over all. And if you have followed the series and wonder what’s going to happen next, well Jack their father will be getting his mate and Nicholas might not like who it is!
Turning off the main road and onto a dirt path, Anton knew he was in the right place when a white wolf darted out in front of his car. Slamming on the brakes, he got out of the car.
“I need to speak with your Alpha,” he stated quietly. He watched as the wolf turned into a naked man. If his shifting was anything like Anton’s, he felt no pain while changing from one form to the next.
“I am the Alpha of this pack.” The man replied. Anton felt the Alpha power coming off of him in waves. The man probably was waiting for him to submit, but Anton knew that he could take this man and his wolf if he had to.
“I’m Anton. I’m here to introduce myself and-”
“How long have you been in town?” The Alpha asked, interrupting him.
“I’m not from here. I have a pack of my own with six wolves north of you, but that’s not the point.”
The naked man raised an eyebrow. “Oh, then what is?”
“On my way here, I came across a house in the middle of nowhere; they had a wolf trapped there.”
Anton’s back hit the hood of his car and the man standing above him growled; so he growled back. He didn’t want to fight, but he would defend himself if threatened..
“Get your fucking hands off of me.” He stated calmly, even though he was feeling anything but calm. His wolf was ready to show this Alpha who was the stronger of the two.
“Not until you tell me where my brother is.” He was surprised; he wouldn’t have thought the wolf was from the Alpha family, as they fiercely protected their own.
“Noah!” The man didn’t even turn his head as another man joined them.
“He knows where Nicholas is.” Noah growled and tightened his hand around Anton’s throat.
“What? If he knows, don’t you think you should stop choking him and let him tell us where he is?” Anton agreed with the other man. Noah had about ten seconds to let him go, or he would do it for him.
“He can speak just fine,” Noah growled into his face.
That did it; he was sick of this shit. He knew it would be easier, and less of a challenge, if he spoke up, but for some reason he wanted to get a rise out of Noah. Ten seconds was up, and Noah had challenged him when he slammed him onto the car. He knew the other man could sense the Alpha power in him, and that Anton was stronger.
He let a wolfish grin spread across his face and reversed their positions. He could take Noah; it would be a battle, but he would come out on top. When Noah was flat on his back on the hood of his car, Anton stepped back, then side stepped the other wolf when he tried to attack.
“Look, I just came to get some help in getting the other wolf out of the house, but I will defend myself if I have to.” He growled at Noah.
“What do you want in return for telling me where my brother is?” Noah asked as he glared back.
Anton watched as the other man came and stood next to Noah, his eyes shooting daggers at him. He held in his surprise as the other man wrapped his arm around Noah’s waist.
“I don’t want anything.” He’d never even considered asking for anything. He planned to  wait until his pack was here before he requested they join Noah’s.
“Bullshit,” Noah spat.
“One, I didn’t know he was your brother, and two I don’t work that way.”
“Okay then, where is Nicholas?”
“He’s in a house outside of town about thirty minutes away.”
“If you’re telling the truth, I owe you one.” Anton’s hackles rose at Noah's words.
“Why the hell wouldn’t I be telling the truth?”
“I don’t know. Maybe you thought you could get me away from my pack and take over.”
Anton laughed at that one. It was funny because the other wolf obviously did not know his feelings about being Alpha of a pack. “I am no threat to you. I don’t want your pack, or any other pack for that matter. Once you know I’m telling the truth I’ll tell you what I decide I want in return. Shall we go?” Anton smiled as Noah looked at him warily, ready to take him down at a moment’s notice. He would be in for a rude awakening if he tried.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Holy shifter... could this get any more dramatic?

Nicholas is struggling with loneliness as he watches his brothers find their mates. Captured by the Hunters, if it wasn't for the man who calls to him in his dreams he would have given up long ago.

Anton is finding it harder and harder to resist the pull he feels to move his pack south. But there isn't anything there for him to find... is there?

CHERISHED MATE is the best in the series so far. Vanessa's character's are dynamic and engaging, the Hunters are up to their usual malicious activities, new threats surface and the ending blew my mind!
I live in Texas but originally I am from Trenton, NJ. When I graduated from high school, I joined the military. Yay me. I did three years with one tour to Iraq. I am happily married because seriously who would put that they are unhappy. I have three kids. No pets, they scare me but I have a healthy respect for them. I am currently a stay at home mom and I love to read! A lot. Have a great day!
"Reach for the stars and never put down your hand."
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